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  1. Organic Fresh foods??

    Thank you for the advice! :)
  2. Organic Fresh foods??

    Hi all, I have just moved to Abu Dhabi from the UK and whilst I am still finding my feet on the grocery front in general, I am really struggling to find organic FRESH foods! I have looked online and found the few online companies that do box deliveries(Ripe etc) which is great, but one of the REALLY important products for me is organic meat, as this is the food that has the most hormones/antibiotics etc pumped into it! So far I have managed to find one pack of semi-organic chicken breast in one shop...does anyone know of anywhere I can get organic meat? Or is this something I will need to accept :/ Oh, and a second question, totally off the topic, but any advice on where I can get blonde highlights done would also be much appreciated!! Thank you!