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  1. Shopping at IKEA today

    Service helper need more training and supervision.
  2. Birthday Cake Shop

    Can anyone suggest me for a good and affordable cake shop in Abu Dhabi somewhere in Al reem Island?
  3. My kids sometimes feel like having a hard time still the lifestyle we had here now and the life we left in our home country. I'm putting too many extra adjustments and additional activities for them just not to feel homesick. Have you been in this situation also? any more suggestions for kids activities to fill up their space-time not to feel back home loneliness?
  4. Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment

    Hair Stylist will give advice to which treatment need in our each everyone hairs. Coz it depends on the texture and the situation of our hair and they know better than us. I have been inquired Glamour Salon and gave me idea and time to think and already set an appointment with them to check my hair personally.
  5. 'Spare type' for the kitchen -hehe

    Hahhaha..nice! Keep saving at least! The bigger you have the more use you will do without noticing.
  6. Affordable Salon

    Can anyone recommend an affordable and satisfy salon service in the city? Need some idea from whom had experienced already.
  7. Congratulations DesertDream

    Congrats! Tips for Baby Skin Care You imagine a baby’s skin to be smooth, soft and to smell amazing. But in reality, it can be dry, flaky, and sensitive and even have some funky discoloration – especially during the newborn period. Here’s the deal on how to care for your baby’s skin, including when it’s not as perfect as you may have expected. 1. Don’t go too crazy with the baths 2. Choose gentle products 3. Forget the baby powder 4. Lotion is your friend 5. Go easy on sun exposure 6. Clean those folds 7. Be prepared for weird stuff 8. Know the difference between diaper rashes 9. Extra help for super-dry skin 10. The deal with birthmarks
  8. Less than a Month for Ramadhan : )

    i been here in UAE a little while and i feel the spirit of Ramadan also like how excited and happy you are in this preparation. Now Ramadan is coming and will see the super busy supermarkets and restaurants for break the fast meal.
  9. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    Thanks, Badriya for the information. You think water in UAE also the cause of hair and skin problem? Did this come to your mind and you have any idea in this case also?
  10. Meditation Class

    Hi all,As a mother, we are little bit stress physically and emotionally in taking care our home, kids, and husband as well so we need a break in our mind and health to continue to do our duties every day so, I am planning to join a yoga class. Can anyone recommend good and affordable meditation class in Abu Dhabi?
  11. Hair and skin problem...Help!

    Will anyone recommend the best way and can save money at the same time in preventing hair fall and skin problem in UAE? I have just been worried suddenly after months I been here.