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  1. Highly experienced, reliable nanny available

    Hello, Is your nanny a live-in nanny? and where is she from?We will be moving to UAE in the next few months and will be looking for a nanny. What is needed in terms of sponsoring her? Thanks
  2. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Yes, indeed. It seems Raha beach is a very good option and I am so glad to hear that there many other people who have dogs and it is possible to go for walks with the dog. The only catch for us, is the issue of the airport and airplane noise. I heard from few lovely ladies (another post) that there is indeed some noise, but it may not be as bad and also one may get used to it. My husband will be traveling to check the area next week. Jennyr_au, may I ask if which real estate agent you used to find your Muneera place? As there are so many agents advertise on-line, it is a bit difficult to know which ones are serious agents....Also, is there a central office for any of the rental in Al Raha, or it is all done through individual agents? I really apperciate
  3. Moving to AD from Sydney

    Hi Scotty and KLF, I have been coming across your posts and have been finding them very helpful. we will be moving to Abu dhabi in the next few months from Europe . The biggest concern for us is the housing, since we are family with three children and a beautiful dog. We are currently, considering Raha beach since our kids will be attending Raha international school. However, I am also interested in Saadiyat Island. I am wondering if either of you can share more about your experience of living in these communities and also if you can suggest a good real estate agent for these areas. Thanks a lot
  4. Hello, We are interested in renting an apartment in Raha beach in the anticipation for our move in several months. Is there a central management office that we can contact to find our about the various rentals in different building at Raha beach? Or in general, one has to go through the agencies that advertise on-line? Any recommendation for a good real estate agent for Raha beach? One thing I have noticed is that many real estate agents advertise apartments without real access to them as they are using recycled pictures. It makes me wonder how real their access is... I appreciate any pointers. Thanks
  5. Airport and Plane noise Raha beach??

    Thank you all for your replies. It is very helpful, specially to hear from both KLF and Jennyr_au since you live exactly where we are considering. Is it then correct to conclude that there is some airport noise, but probably it is not as bad, and it really depends on the particular block where the apartments is? I dont have a problem hearing city noise, but what is of concern, is when the planes fly too low and one can hear the loud engine noise in the middle of the night...
  6. Hello. We will be moving from Switzerland to Abu dhabi this September. Our children will be going to Raha International school and we are currently looking for housing in Abu dhabi. I have searched on line and at the moment there seems to be many rental townhouses and apartments at Raha beach. From many expat posts on this community, and also other sites, it seems that Raha beach seems a very nice area to live specially for us, since it will be close to our children school. I however, came across few posts and a petition regarding airplane noise specially at night at Raha beach. It seems that the problem of airport noise in the Raha beach area has gotten much worse after 2014 and the opening of the second runway in the abu dhabi airport. I would like to see if any one can tell me first hand how bad it is? We are considering Al Zeina, Al Muneera (both inland and island), and Al Manara. I would appreciate very much if any of you can give me some information on this.