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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post and I would like to ask about your opinions about my case with the housemaid. My husband and I got this maid from an agency in abu dhabi and shes been with us for 9 months now. When I announced to her last week that I'm having twins, a week after that, she told me that she's scared she might be positive for tuberculosis and she feels dizzy she might be hypertensive. She's 54 years old but still in a very good shape, very active and physically fit. I took her to the hospital for check up and the doctor said she's negative for tuberculosis and she's not hypertensive. But still she said she will go home because she is afraid that she might breakdown here and might die in this country. I think she just wants to find an excuse because she got scared at the idea of me giving birth to twins soon. I told her that I will increase her salary when the babies are out because I'm fully aware the difficulties of having two babies at the same time. She already had an attitude with me from before, she gave me bad looks whenever I would bring my friend to the house. She didn't like the idea of having visitors in the house as it entails extra work aside from her usual daily routine. She takes into account every detail of work, she sees herself as underpaid well in fact she is spoiled, she has her own tv with filipino channels, she can use her phone 24/7 and has wifi, and she goes to bed at 7pm because all the works are done. I treat her like my mother as we are both filipinos, she eats whatever I eat. She is not fully loaded with work and in fact she has a lot of free time. I think she just got turned off with the idea of having twins in the house. Now, what is the best thing to do since she wants to leave and we also don't want her anymore in our house, should we send her to the airport or send her back to the agency where she came from? We paid 16k aed for this maid from her agency and we feel like we are on the losing side and really spoiling and being too nice on this maid. I'm thinking of just letting it go and send her to Philippines and just consider it as charity. Or should I be more stiff and send her back to the agency and let the agency owner pay us back atleast half of the 16k aed? I'm so stressed and I really want this maid to learn her lesson at the same time that she can't easily just abuse people who are nice to her.