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  1. I want to buy the FJ Cruiser. What models does it have?
  2. Dark circles under eyes could be hereditary or due to the lifestyle you are leading. Now with advanced technology it is possible to remove them but it takes time and expert handling.
  3. You should try the local market stores for the variety that they can offer. You can also try exploring on a few superstores in UAE and online. Even Ikea has a set of chandeliers and ceiling lamps for choice.
  4. Hooks and hangers have evolved in their designs and make over time. Today they are available in a large variety of metal makes and also in wood. You should check some of the nice metal designs that generally the superstores in Qatar like the Ikea have.
  5. What is FX forward?

    What is FX forward?
  6. There are many places in UAE that have different types of coffee cup. Try out IKEA. Their style is unique and also the material is durable. You could go in for prints or get one in a solid colour. They have ones with a lid also to keep the fluid warm for a longer time.
  7. Does Kaya offer products for oily skin? Can you suggest some good ones?
  8. Are there good residential towers in downtown dubai to consider? I am keen on an investment for my family.