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  1. Lotus Holistic Center - Chiropractor

    Excellent. Thanks a million :) Will try them out.
  2. Lotus Holistic Center - Chiropractor

    They are good ... to find a Chiropractor in Abu Dhabi I have checked out www.enritsch.com. Worth a look as it gives you a comprehensive list of top class clinics. I personally have been to CMC ... which was ok. Lotus is also OK. What I am really looking for though is an Osteopath now but they are nowhere in Abu Dhabi. Plenty in Dubai, but none up here. Does anybody know of an Osteopath up here?
  3. Looking for a gynecologist/clinic in AD

    I recommend Dr. Tina - I delivered with her when she was at Brightpoint Hospital - she is a super star. Very good. Since then she has moved to Danat Al Emarat - http://www.danatalemarat.ae/doctors/gynecology/