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  1. Driver's License For Maid?

    The holders of driving licenses from 30 countries can transfer their license directly to a UAE license. The countries are United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Serbia,…. but they need first to get a legal translation of their driving licenses into Arabic. Index legal translation provides official translation for driving license abu dhabi
  2. Driving Licence

    For driving license translation , Visit Index Legal Translation in Hamdan street. they provide instant translation for driving license. you can take the translation within 15 minutes as per what their website says https://legaltranslationabudhabi.com/service/driving-license-translation/ Tel: 024445359
  3. Typing Centres (Translation For Docs)

    For any legal translation abu dhabi , you can approach index legal translation in Hamdan street. they provide certified legal translation services for all kinds of documents. Tel: 024445359 Email: indexhamdan@gmail.com https://legaltranslationabudhabi.com/
  4. Driver's License Requirements

    your driving license should be translated into Arabic by a certified translator. You can approach Index Legal Translation for any legal translation services. Index Legal Translation Abu Dhabi, BR2 provides certified translation for the driving license. please note that any driving license issued from South Korea, Japan and some other countries should be translated first by the embassy into English then you can translate it into Arabic. https://legaltranslationabudhabi.com/service/driving-license-translation/
  5. In Dubai& Abu Dhabi, any document in any language other than Arabic required for official use should be translated by a legal translator duly authorized by The UAE Ministry of Justice. The translator should pass a certification test and obtain a license from the ministry to perform legal translation services. Index Legal translation, BR2 https://legaltranslationabudhabi.com/service/legal-translation-services/ Hamdan Tower, Ground Floor, Plot C41, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street - Abu Dhabi