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  1. Yes, Dementia can lead to urine incontinence because the nerves are damaged in this condition and the brain does not get the signals to urinate. Hence, there is a loss of bladder control. This condition can be reversed depending on the state of health.
  2. Can I prevent hair loss at home? Need the right advice.

    There are certain home remedies that can help you reduce hair loss. But it would be ideal for you to consult an expert. Visiting a nearby skincare clinic or Kaya skin clinic can be really helpful.
  3. Does laser hair removal cause pain? Wish to understand more.

    Laser hair removal can be painless but you need to be sure about consulting the right skin clinic or the right dermatologist who understands your skin type well. You should consult the leading skin clinics such as Kaya for more knowledge and guidance.
  4. Are depend underwear easy to use?

    Are depend underwear easy to use?
  5. I am on the look out for a skin clinic that has multiple-le branches in Oman and Abu Dhabi. Can you suggest?
  6. I wish to consider upgrading myself to a Platinum credit card with a series of features and benefits. Any idea which banks will be able to offer that?
  7. We are looking to make investments for our business and are interested in raising long term finance. What can we do to avail them?