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  1. As fashion is trending these days, here’s a question as how important fashion is for you…??? Fashion is important for me because it helps me with my confidence.We dress to how we feel. Not only can it help with my confidence but its a way to express myself and show how I want to be seen by the world. That’s why fashion is important to me, what about you?:)
  2. I feel like most people have some for their own personal style, and I want to hear what yours are!For example, I never wear monochromatic outfits. I love color too much and compulsively throw in either colorful jewelry or shoes.I always wear earrings. Always, with every outfit, even around the house in my sweats sometimes I always have at least one neutral color in an outfit to balance out the bold colors and prints that I love wearing.What are some of your own personal style rules?
  3. Places in Abu Dhabi

    Thank You @DesertDream :)
  4. Have you seen something in a store or online lately that you have just fallen in LOVE with?!Sometimes we see something and loved it so much that it just keep repeating in our mind until we buy it. I have... This Handbag... It's a pastel pink colour... SOOO pretty I want to know... What's on the top of YOUR shopping list? Ohh and u can write down your WHOLE shopping list if you just can't decide which one you like the most Hehe
  5. As winter is slowly emerging in UAE here is some tips for your wardrobe Turtle neck knit tops and jumpers are in trend now. Tshirt dress paired with a leather jacket + the boots will add to your fashion.Big warm knits are definitely in right now. Neutral colours like grey and tan are very popular.Long-sleeved dress, bomber jacket, Leggings or skinny jeans.What do you think the big fashion trends for this winter will be? Add to the list..
  6. So what is your opinion on "fashion as performance art"?Is it something vital to the fashion industry or is it the real essence of fashion? Do you think it's frivolous or fascinating?I think "fashion as performance art" makes fashion interesting and if done right... it creates trends by being innovative and unique. Personally, I think designers that are geared towards "fashion as performance art" are the true artists of fashion.
  7. Why do you love fashion?

    Different people has different aspect for this question. For me,as others,purely as a medium for self-expression. a way to use clothes in the form of creativity...a certain poetry. there are large aspects that i am quite ambivalent about of course and sometimes i even dislike the term fashion because of the connotations but as a form of literally being able to put your soul and emotions onto a sleeve,that makes me very enthusiastic about it.Whats your thought on this...???
  8. How To Take Care Of Clothes

    everyone. As I'm a Fashion Freak. The following question appeared in my mind- how to take care of your Clothes? I am sharing you some clothing care tips as much as I know! Firstly, don't over wash your clothes as it fades color and looks dull. 2. Use a Handheld steamers will save your outfit every time, and will leave your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. 3.Avoid fold clothes 4.Start with quality 5.Pay attention to laundering. I hope this information add to your list.
  9. Places in Abu Dhabi

    HI @Meltigger Thank you for the information, will definately visit the places. :)
  10. Places in Abu Dhabi

    All, I have recently moved to Dubai and has been working here, as im new i would like to visit places and explore. I have heard that Abu Dhabi is also a good place to explore, so i wanted to know places where i can visit in Abu Dhabi. Can someone recommend me places to visit. Thanks.