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  1. St Andrews's Thrift Shop

    Hi Everyone! Its reopened! Same as before, open on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  2. Pet Sitter required for a few days!

    Hi everyone! If this topic has already been discussed previously, my apologies..I would appreciate your advise with regard to the below. We plan to travel from Nov 30~ Dec 6th and have a darling little girl Enya (Domestic Long Hair- 1.5 years old) who will need someone to keep an eye on her during the time we travel. Sis has accepted to be the guardian during Dec 3,4,5 so essentially we would need someone to watch her only on Nov 3, Dec 1 and Dec 2. We do have other family members who are happy to take her in but they haven't had pets before and I have my reservations about her being taken care of by people who arent really that comfortable themselves around cats..We are based out of Abu Dhabi and stay near Holiday Inn on Airport Road, ideally we are looking for someone who has previous experience with cats to be her care taker..because that would give us some peace of mind as well. We are hoping for someone who can come in and spend time with her during the day (this would be ideal)- for feeding, playing etc. Any and all recommendations would be most welcome about trust worthy cat sitters who would be willing to look after Enya as their own during the short time we are away! Thank you guys ~