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  1. Hi Everyone, If anyone needs general maintenance done for their home or business, my husband's business has workers to suit just about any need. Handy man, A/C repair, plumber, electrician, cleaners, carpenters, construction laborers, etc. Contact Ali Khawaja at 971-393-8816
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what the deal is with the Swiss Hotel Corniche on Salam street? It has been inexplicably closed for so long, and it is really becoming an eye sore in the neighborhood.
  3. Hi Ladies, I am first time pregnant, and i need a good obgyn recommendation. Are there any holistic/naturipathic obgyn's/midwifes here? I want to have a natural birth, preferably at home. By the way, are home births legal or not here? I have heard conflicting information. If not, has anyone had a good experience giving birth naturally in a hospital (no epidural, free to get out of bed and move around as one feels comfortable, not rushed to give birth, or medically induced, etc.)? I really need to know because if my options for a natural birth here are not good, i may opt to fly back to America to give birth there. Please advise. Thanks!
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