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  1. Hi Traveler, I was asking those questions re: vaccines way ahead of time so as to be prepared for any decision making in the future. I don't currently have any children, as I stated earlier, so I don't have any first hand experience. However, based off of Jillybean's response, it seems to me that in theory you are highly encouraged, but not forced to vaccinate at the hospital after birth. With regards to schools, it sounds like it is more wishy-washy, and at the whim of the school administration. I also was told by doctor of mine that when his wife had a child in hospital here recently, they opted not to vaccinate (their American hospital born children weren't vaccinated either), and they weren't bothered about it, and they stated their preferences both in advance, during, and after the birth, so as to ward off any confusion. They also were sure to never let their newborn child out of their sight (to prevent anything happening behind their backs). They also send their two school aged children to private UAE curriculum schools here, so I am assuming that they found a way. Sorry I don't know more. Things really are getting scary globally with these vaccine mandates, and we have to be prepared for all eventualities. Depending on how strongly you are opposed to vaccines, it may be necessary to make alternate plans if things really get crazy with mandates globally, and you still want to not vaccinate. I know that I feel very strongly and will relocate anywhere in the world if necessary to protect my rights. Right now things seem good here in shah Allah, but that could change. I wish you the best. Take care, RC
  2. Hi Everyone, If anyone needs general maintenance done for their home or business, my husband's business has workers to suit just about any need. Handy man, A/C repair, plumber, electrician, cleaners, carpenters, construction laborers, etc. Contact Ali Khawaja at 971-393-8816
  3. Assalaam aleikum, i am planning to have my birth here in Abu Dhabi in shah Allah, as my husband is working here, and it is difficult to go back to USA for having baby. In USA, vitamin k, and Hepatitis B are routinely given at birth. However, parents are not FORCED to vaccinate (although their Ob and Pediatrician will often relentlessly bully them and fear monger) but the point is no one HAS TO vaccinate. So, what is the procedure here in Abu Dhabi hospitals? Is the HAAD vaccine schedule merely recommendations, or are they mandatory? Also, i am aware most nurserys and schools require vaccines, but are religious and/or medical exemptions allowed? I am not here to argue vaxxed vs anti vaxxed, so your OPINIONS, or lambasting me for not wanting to vaccinate is not helpful. Thanks!
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