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  1. Runningcactus

    First pregnancy need advice

    Hi Ladies, I am first time pregnant, and i need a good obgyn recommendation. Are there any holistic/naturipathic obgyn's/midwifes here? I want to have a natural birth, preferably at home. By the way, are home births legal or not here? I have heard conflicting information. If not, has anyone had a good experience giving birth naturally in a hospital (no epidural, free to get out of bed and move around as one feels comfortable, not rushed to give birth, or medically induced, etc.)? I really need to know because if my options for a natural birth here are not good, i may opt to fly back to America to give birth there. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Runningcactus


    Yummy! Thanks for the info!
  3. Runningcactus


    Hi Everybody, My name is Iman and I am an American Muslim convert, living in AD, with my Pakistani husband. We are newly weds, and met each other in AD. I am a former professional distance runner, and was the 2009 USA Women's Marathon running champion, and Olympic trials qualifier. I moved to AD after retiring from professional running due to injury, and after embracing Islam, looking to start a new life in a peaceful Muslim country. I then met my future husband, who works at a local restaurant, and we got married shortly thereafter, alhamduillah. I now enjoy being a loving partner to my husband and housewife. My hobbies are studying Islam, spending time with my husband, running, exercising, cooking, studying health and alternative medicine, playing with my darling Persian cat, Pici, and her 4 kittens, and riding motorcycles with my husband. I look forward to getting to know you all better, and chatting it up on this forum. Warm wishes and greetings to all you ladies here and your families! P.S. : How do I change the flag on my profile, because it shows UAE flag, but I am not Emirati - though I feel like UAE is my home?!
  4. Runningcactus

    How to get UAE residency with low salary

    Hi All, Does anybody know how or if it is possible for me to get UAE residence visa, if I am a house wife (aka: unemployed), and my husband has a low salary (2000 AED/month) as he is a motorbike restaurant delivery driver? We went to the AD immigration office, and they informed us that my husband can't sponsor me because of his profession category. So, I am stuck on a tourist visa, and every month I am forced to do a visa run to Oman or Bahrain to renew it. If any one has any alternative ideas for how I can get sponsored for UAE residency, please let me know. Thank you in advance!
  5. Runningcactus

    Are you an aspiring writer of articles or a blogger?

    I am interested. What do you mean "for credits"? Do you mean college credits? I am not a college student, so I don't know if that is a problem or not......,
  6. Runningcactus

    Vaccine requirements

    Hi Jillybean, Thanks so much for answering all my questions, and for you warm wishes. Best wishes to you and your family. Take care RC
  7. Runningcactus

    Quran/Arabic teacher needed

    Assalaam aleikum, Does anyone hear know a sister in AD who can teach me Quran and Arabic, in shah Allah? I tried the lessons in the big yellow mosque behind NMC Hospital, but there were so many students, and only a few teachers, so I found it non conducive for learning. I used to take lessons over Skype from a school in Egypt, but for some reason Skype isn't working here anymore (did it get blocked - anyone know?), as of Jan 1, 2018, so I was forced to discontinue my lessons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ma salaam
  8. Runningcactus

    Visa run by air to Oman?

    Hi, I don't know about Oman by air, as I have never done that. However, I have to do a visa run every month, and I normally do it by air to/from Bahrain. Both officials at airports in AD and BHR seem chill about it. If any officer at either airport asks you why you are just going back and forth and not staying over in Bahrain, just tell them that you are just needing to exit to renew your visa. I hope this helps, in shah Allah!
  9. Runningcactus

    live kefir for free

    Assalaam aleikum, What kind of kefir - goat, cow, sheep, camel? Is it raw or pasteurized? I might be interested, in shah Allah. I really want raw cow or camels milk, in shah Allah.
  10. Runningcactus

    Vaccine requirements

    Wow, thanks so much, Jillybean for the detailed, very helpful response! What you have told me relieves a lot of my anxiety now about this! I will definitely look into the home school options here, or teach my children myself for as long as I am qualified to in terms of knowledge, in shah Allah. It also sounds like the school your child attends gave you proper notification of the vaccination campaign at school, and then respected your parental right of choosing to opt out of another MMR dose. Given this, my husband and I may consider sending our children to one of the schools here after all, in shah Allah. I know I am way ahead of things and worrying probably too much already, as I am newly wed, and don't even have children yet, but I guess I just want to be proactive. I am just curious, did the school or any one give you a problem about not wanting your child to be given another MMR dose? I hope not, as everyone has unique health, personal, and religious situations that need to be respectfully considered. After all, if vaccines really are protective against the diseases vaccinated against, people who have been vaccinated and their vaccinated children shouldn't have a need to worry about those who opt out of some or all vaccines. Thanks again for your kindly help and advice. Take care!
  11. Runningcactus

    Vaccine requirements

    Thanks Jillybean! When you say "vaccination details are required when registering with a main stream school", are you aware if vaccine exemptions are recognized and accepted, if the parents choose to opt out due to either religious and/or personal beliefs, or due to health concerns? If so, do you or any one here know how to obtain an exemption (paperwork, etc.)? Also, I noticed a lot of schools here do vaccines at school. Do you know if the parent's consent is obtained prior to administering the vaccines to their child? If vaccines are required for school, I am considering homeschooling - does anyone know if homeschooling is allowed here? Sorry for the long question, but this issue is causing me much anxiety. Thanks again!
  12. Runningcactus

    Vaccine requirements

    Assalaam aleikum, i am planning to have my birth here in Abu Dhabi in shah Allah, as my husband is working here, and it is difficult to go back to USA for having baby. In USA, vitamin k, and Hepatitis B are routinely given at birth. However, parents are not FORCED to vaccinate (although their Ob and Pediatrician will often relentlessly bully them and fear monger) but the point is no one HAS TO vaccinate. So, what is the procedure here in Abu Dhabi hospitals? Is the HAAD vaccine schedule merely recommendations, or are they mandatory? Also, i am aware most nurserys and schools require vaccines, but are religious and/or medical exemptions allowed? I am not here to argue vaxxed vs anti vaxxed, so your OPINIONS, or lambasting me for not wanting to vaccinate is not helpful. Thanks!
  13. Runningcactus

    Islamic/Quran Teacher

    Assalaam aleikum Sister, Can you PM me the Quran teacher's info to me too, in shah Allah? I am looking for a new Quran teacher too. Jazak Allah khairan.