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  1. UK mum- Thank you very much for your detailed review. I do agree that we are fortunate to have access to someone with her skill, credentials, and level of care here in Abu Dhabi. She is the only doctor who has made it a point to answer every single one of my questions (I ask a lot of those plus I've had a pregnancy with a few complications) and still ask me if I have further questions at each appointment. Her assistant Kaye is also efficient and responds to emails quickly. I'm hoping Dr. Feroza sticks around long enough here for me to have all my babies ;) I'm due later this month, and will post on here about my birthing experience for anyone interested.
  2. Maureen- I am due later this month and have hired someone for this purpose. In India it is typical for baby and mom to receive daily massages. The therapist usually also bathes the baby. I'd prefer not to recommend someone until I've actually been treated by them, but if you PM me I can keep you posted about this.
  3. Sara Casper- I hope this isn't already too late. Lyme requires immediate attention. Doctors here are likely not Lyme-literate because it is unheard of in this region. Did you try to doctor Lammas recommended above? You might have some luck if you research doctors with training in North America/UK but even those are hard to find here. Was the tick removed? My husband was bitten by a lyme-disease infected tick in upstate New York just prior to our move to Abu Dhabi in 2018. He was prescribed a month's dose of doxycycline (we sent the tick for testing to a specialty lab in the US and got a positive for Lyme, my husband was not tested at the clinic for lyme). If you did not pull out the tick it should've fallen off by now. Did you see a Bull's eye pattern? The diagnostic test for Lyme if you don't have the tick with you, and no longer see a Bull's eye pattern is prone to a high rate of error and so it's better to treat with antibiotics immediately. Doxycycline is likely available here through prescription if you have a doctor who can do it for you; However, I am unfamiliar with the standard of care for lyme disease that was allowed to progress due to delay in receiving medical attention (that can get very serious and very complicated). Might be best to discuss in detail with a doctor from your home country where you might've contracted Lyme (I'm assuming somewhere in North America).
  4. I know this question is directed at UK Mum, but I thought I'd pitch in as well. I'm currently in my 8th month and still with Dr. Feroza at King's College clinic. I'm planning to deliver in NMC brightpoint. I've heard good things about delivering there. Dr. Feroza explained the process to me a bit, if I have an emergency or I go into labor, I can go straight to brightpoint and have to tell them I'm dr. Feroza's patient. They will have doctors available to see me and will communicate directly with dr feroza and call her over there. the doctor has also given me her phone number if I ever need to call her. What exactly are your concerns about King's college? It seems a bit strange that they are now under NMC, how did you find out about this? The level of care is good there so far, and after having consulted with an OB in Burjeel and another in OB in brightpoint, I can assure you that dr feroza is worth any logistical hassles King's is causing you (I've personally had only minimal trouble there e.g., one of my appointments was delayed an hour, but all others were pretty much on time; pharmacy is not well-stocked). UK Mum- I would love to hear about you birth experience too. I'm considering taking a tour of the facilities at brightpoint as well.
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