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  1. The tech market has undergone a lot of changes and modifications in the last few years. It is saturated with laptops and phones of different specifications and models available in a variety of price ranges. Today’s laptops and phones models comprise of sleek and thin designs, feather-light weight, top-notch graphics, and maximum body to screen ratio. With the presence of such variety in the market, it can become really hard to make a firm decision and buy the best that the tech market has to offer. With the oncoming end of 2019, I have picked some laptops and phones available in the market that will fit in your requirements criteria and provide you quality for your money. You can find them here
  2. Being a blogger, White Friday is an extremely exciting time and residing here in Dubai, i can feel the frenzy and craziness that is associated with it. In my blog today, I have compiled the best deals I found online that I witnessed were perfect for me and my children. You can find them here
  3. Children’s day is celebrated on the 20th of November and on this day children are showered with love and gifts. Parents usually make their children feel special by buying them things they love. A trip to their favorite amusement park or even buying them the toys they have been asking for so long. To make each kid feel special on this day, Osh Kosh B’gosh has introduced their children’s day special collection which is an assortment of clothes featuring fun animated characters. This collection features fun, bright and stylish yet durable and essential merchandise. It has a variety to choose from with polka dots, bows and shiny graphic designs for the little angels and sporty yet fun designs for the boys that brightens their outdoor personality. I have summarized all the children's day special collection that I found appealing and you can find them on my blog here
  4. A woman never said, “I own too many bags”. Bags are an essential accessory for all ladies and with the availability of so many varieties of every essential thing out there, handbags are no different. Multiple brands design and sell all types of handbags whether clutches, wallets or totes. Handbags are more of a fashion statement now and with the vast choice present in any women apparel category, it has become nothing less of a dilemma to choose a handbag that’s versatile in its use. Nowadays, high-end designers are focusing on introducing some unique variety of ideas related to handbag fashion. Here is my blog on top designer handbags you cannot miss out on
  5. Winters are almost here and just as adults are looking for fashionable and trendy clothes, kids are conscious about their clothes too. Kids clothing has evolved now and is available in various designs and trends now. I have compiled some latest trends in kids winter clothing that I found very appealing. You can find them here
  6. Since it's Halloween today, the favorite festival of kids and adults both. I have written a blog on the trends being followed this year, when it comes to Halloween Decor and Costumes. Following these trends, you are sure to scare the entire neighborhood and ensure a good time for your kids and their friends. You can read more about it here
  7. It’s Overalls day today, celebrated by the company that makes the best overalls, Osh Kosh B’gosh. . They come in a variety of materials such as cotton, corduroy, denim and a range of imaginative designs and patterns that makes them easy to be paired with anything in a child’s closet. These overalls prove to be very durable and fun with a bip pocket or multiple side pockets with hammer loops and brass buttons. Dress your kid in overalls for a play date or even for school, when you don’t want to compromise on your little one’s comfort. You can celebrate this Overall Day with Osh Kosh B’Gosh by buying them from here
  8. Osh Kosh B’gosh belongs to Carter’s family of brands. Together, they are one of the oldest, largest and most renowned brands of baby and children’s apparel in the world. Osh Kosh B’gosh is not just a brand, it is an emotional connection that connects generations. With their high-quality clothing and quirky yet appealing designs, they have managed to make lasting relationships with their customers. Their apparel ranges from casual playwear to special occasion dresses with their overalls being the best seller among these all. You can look at all the trendy and cute clothes they provide here
  9. I was looking up some cool outfits for my children, on the internet and realized how hard it can become for some parents to find trendy clothes online and that too, with the best quality and funky color palettes that children adore. I studied different brands and the latest designs they have come up with, and compiled all the current fashion trends when it comes to kids fashion in my blog here
  10. Hi guys, I have started blogging recently due to my love for writing and creating content. I am a mother of two beautiful children and when my kids are sleeping I resort to writing in my free time. Here is my blog that I have written on the best kids apparel brands on Amazon with high-quality and best designs. I am open to all kinds of feedback and would love to know your views of my blog.
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