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  1. There comes a time in life when you feel the need to work on yourself. This willingness to start feeling’ better can be motivated by different reasons. You can have some symptoms such as depressive thoughts, anxiety, difficulties in your love life or simply having the wish to understand oneself better, to increase your self-awareness in order to improve your life and reaching your best potential. Finding the right psychologist in Dubai who will assist you in this key moment of your life, is mandatory. This is an important step and its therefore very important to do some preliminary
  2. French Psychologist in Dubai - Vanessa Bokanowski Specialized In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. I graduated as a clinical psychologist by Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2002. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychotherapies (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2004) and a four years post-graduate diploma (DES) in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy (from Office Medico-Pédagogique, Switzerland). I’m licensed by the Dubai Health Authority. My services are provided in French and English. I continuously improved my knowledge by doing additional training in Family/Couple Therapies in
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