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Found 10 results

  1. The Lourve Abu Dhabi

    Just before UAE National day, I went with son and his wife to visit the Lourve Museum. I thought i would never get to visit but fortunately, I did. Such a beautiful and stunning place, People were fascinated with the architectural design of it all in and out not just what was inside it. On entrance, expect to get a check in airport -like screening, you walk through that doorway thingy and then you have your bags etc. screened. Lots of people had to hand over nail cutters, small scissors, etc. anything sharp. You are not allowed to place your hand on any of the outer wall area of those items that are closed in glass, even if you just wanted to get closer to read the fine print . Mind you i saw many placing their mobile phones on the ledges, leaning against it even and even some touching the mummies and not warned not to touch them .. hmmm.. Anyway, the visit was very nice and we got to see some famous items and art work such as The Whistler's Mother, Napoleon, statues of Roman figures, and Alexander the Great, pottery, flints, coins., and much more. We spent a reasonable good amount of time considering we had little grand-daughter with us, you might find children especially toddlers will get bored so take that in mind. They have a store there where you can buy souvenirs such as notebooks, key rings, magnetic badges ete. and books. They have a restaurant or cafeteria on exit of the Museum as you leave , but highly expensive, we bought juice for toddler-normal one you buy in bottles at store and it costs DH 25 !! so it was DH 50 for two, so be sure to take for baby if you need for afterwards. That was a shock to be honest! Overall: It is a trip I would happily want to go on again as it was all very interesting indeed. Definitely worth a visit!! It is a great thing to have The Louvre here in Abu Dhabi. It is wheel chair accessible also for those who want to know.
  2. All event details are here www.intothedunes.com December 12th - 5pm till 9pm
  3. Significant UAE Events to Note:

    *UAE Commemoration Day: 30 th November, fixed Holiday to remember all those who lost their lives in the line of duty to their nation in both the military and humanitarian fields. All official departments lower their flags at a specific time and stand in one minute's silence. * UAE National Day, celebrated on Dec, 2-3rd. Expect celebrations, fireworks, car parades, concerts, exterior of buildings and homes decorated, and more. Note: Flag day in the UAE is celebrated on November 3rd each year.
  4. 16th Ramadhan, 2017

    The Suhoor, I did my usual knocking doors and in some cases probably more than the usual knock or two lol the problem is that within the door of the unit areas in house , designed for our family, I knock- are doors to the hallway and bedroom so I have to depend on them too that they hear me, if not the other option is, I call them or miss call them and wait to see if they come out. Hubby reminded the boys once they were all at the table about the invitation to fatoor at our old Neighbourhood friends home. Really wonderful people whom I am glad we met and glad we stayed very good friends even if we don't see each other very often. The men see each other more as we women are always busy with doing stuff at home and for other family members. i had tea and some toast, hubby just took a few of the snacks along with his tea, and the boys had cereal or rice and yogurt etc. . There must be rice as a couple of boys want it and hubby too sometimes. I had an appt for my arm ... well so I thought... I was dreading having to wake up early as I was tired plus, not so sure if timings of my appt. was for regular days or Ramadhan timings. I have looked at the appointment many times but for some reason Sunday was stuck in my head and I thought it was the 12th. Sooooo, I wake up early, off to hospital and already see a long line of people first....the patients were there way before the staff of which some were late . If it wasn't for the polite kindness of other patients telling the receptionist to see me first, I would have really wasted a lot of time for an appointment that I didn't have!! So God bless them for that! I felt stupid of course lol but it's Ramadhan and thus, probably still tired! I decided to look for the new store I mentioned in my post yesterday, so once near the house, I told the driver to follow the signs and we did, lots of small turns here and there and on one road where Dana Al Emirat Hospital is located- same block but further down the road was the same sign but the sign for the store said it was open and this was still being build, I was very happy to discover an even bigger two floor store was being built also , so this would be open along with the smaller one too eventually. So, after that nice surprise of seeing an even bigger store bring under construction, we continued to look for the smaller afcoop. It felt like a game looking for the signs! Lol even we found it between some new housing complexes-lots of changed in the area!! Nice look, nice parking and they have a pharmacy and a salon but not sure if for women or men. I was happy I found it!! When I asked the salesmen how long the store had been there, I was surprised to hear when he said several months!! I told them I only knew about it from the new signs they recently put up. They had probably put them up since the place is difficult to find. The store is very small but sufficient plus the have a butchers where I can buy lamb so was happy about that. Also. Prices were a little lower too. There were enough regular items from which to buy but if you wanted a larger variety then the other coop near SEHA is better. They also had a small vegetable area, deli area and a place for chicken and eggs. There are a couple of stalls there just outside the entance area selling mobiles and another selling gifts etc.. this area reminded me of the layout in Spar near the entrance. Either way, Neighbourhood there have two good supermarkets now with the other being Spinney's. I didn't take long as hubby wanted car too. The Fatoor: We just made enough for the women (wives) and for Suhoor too. I sent my friend lugaimat which she loves and she sent sent us some harees which we love . The time between between the dusk prayer and is'sha prayers ( evening prayers) goes do fast mashallah. Later, the boys and their father arrived home at different timings as each had something to do after the prayers. Since I woke up early for nothing lol I am now tired and will sleep. Have to go again to hospital tomorrow... seriously thinking to postpone it And if I can get an appointment within two weeks that willl be fine with me. well ladies, bye for now
  5. 11 th Ramadhan, 2017

    The Suhoor: The nights, or rather hours after magrib go by pretty fast and there is not much time between Maghrib , and I'sha & Taraweeh prayers. So, when prayers are done and you are tired, there isn't really much waking time left, thus, it happens that I fall asleep and haven't really had a full meal as I just eat lightly until prayers are done, that way I am more alert and not praying on heavy stomach which I hate lol It is good I hate it, as it makes me steadfast to eating lightly until after prayers at least. So, it has become a lifestyle change really in Ramadhan over the years for me once I started this routine. For me Suhoor time came pretty quickly mashallah and indeed we are already a third into Ramadhan. For this Suhoor, everyone was awoken or called even, ten minutes earlier-the main living room clock was faster than normal for some reason. It strange lol as they all noticed they were earlier today and blamed the clock lol saying "ayyy! that's ahead of time! " So, as each exited their room someone would say something...."there's still 10 mins to go!" Or " didn't you call us earlier?" ..........So, I blamed the clock too hehe* When you don't want to keep on giving explanations to everyone. Just do what they do.. and that was, in my case, blaming the clock! Lol We ate scrambled eggs with toast, cereal which really is popular next to shurba and rice and yogurt at that time of morning. Then everyone went back to their rooms while table was cleared. Preparation for Visitors.... Later in the morning I had lots to do as son had invited all his work friends over for fatoor. I first prepared all the cutlery, plates etc, tablecloth for the floor since food was being serve traditional way. There were tables and chairs for those who needed to sit. I also, prepared all the glasses, tea cups for red tea, qahwa cups, vacuum pots and whatever for dining lol. Next step in early afternoon was to check the outside mijlis to see if all was ok in there, the AC was down so we had to wait until almost 12 am for AC people to come and fix it ( normal routine in Ramadhan as they go to prayer then work after that) . The mijlis was hot but once they fixed it, it was fine. In late afternoon I had put all serving plates and glasses etc. in Mijlis to save time carrying them same time as food etc. It was all fast going after that!!! From 6 pm onwards, going in and out Mijlis and in and out to kitchen outside taking the dellahs-vacuum pots of tea and coffee, water, Laban drinks, Vimto drinks with ice, and light foods etc such as pastries, pasties and the like, lugaimat with dibs (date syrup). As soon as all son's friends arrived it was time for the azan and fatoor, After Maghrib prayers, the main meal of ish wa lamb ( rice and lamb) was served with lots of fattoush salad too. Some return after Taraweeh prayers for more tea and desserts. Son just bought a little more than enough so nothing went to waste, and anything that was left was put into packages and given to people near mosque or at shops which they appreciate. It was late by time everyone was done, and I was tired. Only after clearing up everything etc. did I sit down to have my cup of tea. Which I was so thankful for! ......Hubby wants his friends over next week hmhmmm... well ladies, that's all for now from me!!
  6. 10th Ramadhan 2017

    The Suhoor: Well since hubby is at farm, I have not had to double knock or go in and out to wake him lol , but my boys and their wives are here and my other son who was away last week with working away from home, is al hamdullilah back home- he is the one who really doesn't want to talk to anyone during the Suhoor as if he wakes up fully he can't not get back to sleep easily and then, thus, tired next morning. So, as usual when they gathered , his face was directed at his cereal and of course his brothers will tease him! They will ask him questions about something he likes like gaming or a specific movie etc. trying to get him to respond but he only will just nod his head up and down lol He has his own way though of getting back another day, sometimes he will ask them questions using one word that is either sophisticated or just what we would call technical jargon-this annoys one of his brothers who would have a "okayyyyy!!" Look on his face and say " so now you want to annoy me !" These words may be just even be a phrase from anime Japanese. He would say something to his brother while smiling or laughing and his brother would sit up straight wondering if what he said was a compliment or something else lol then they would do something which the grandkids absolutely love to join in-they pretend to bash each other on the sofa, the kids laugh and scream and run after them, they jump and climb all over them -in the end the boys end up trying to save themselves for real from the kids lol quite a funny sight really! Hehe The Suhoor didn't take long as everyone seemed tired and ready for bed. We ate our usual cereal with milk and rice and yogurt for those who wanted it. Dear DIL had chocolate cake lol. Later in the morning shopper son took me to an eye clinic near where the old Mushrif coop had reopened. He thought I needed a new eye check up as sometimes I squint my eyes lol ( but that is only when I rest my eyes from lens). Anyway, i have been through the routine check of eyes many times before but here , at this clinic, it was my first time. Now, usually you go to two rooms for eye tests whatever before seeing the doctor or optitician but here the process was broken into several rooms before seeing doctor! Everytime I went to one I thought I would finally see optician but nooooooo-in one room they check your eyes with and without lens, then ask you about our dear friend the "E" is it up or down -in some cases I succeeded and in others I could only see a black mess lol Now, if they did this in this room - wondered what was next... we waited again and was called to room no. 2 now. There you have to follow the green dot but wasn't too pleased as the nurse never even mentions what she is going to do. She asked questions only and for info regarding lens etc. Waiting again, then off to room 3 where I finally THINK we get to see the doctor.... noooooo, back on the chair again, nurse tells me to look ahead at some orange thing ( it was all confusing lol) later you feel like someone spat in each eye with that horrid spray machine-like I said it would be nice if you are told that is going to happen to you!! Otherwise, It makes you feel you are on a production line or something!! Son himself was getting impatient now lol we waited yet again for another half hour for the stuff in my eye to work whatever, then when I really thought we had reached the last room, we were called, the man there did several eye reading tests trying on my eyes several lens etc. then wrote a prescription for glasses when all along it should have been for lens!, One nurse took it upon herself to tell them we came for glasses!!! We didn't even speak to her so that annoyed me really. He was very good though. When everything was sorted out, I discovered we still had The Doctor to see. She checked my eyes etc.. and she gave me some eye drops etc. then back to the lens doctor again. We ordered lens. Also made glasses that can go over these for reading .. according to what they advised. ( but I can read close up without lens .. oh well, this place is confusing me lol) The glasses were so expensive but dear son was more than happy to pay for me but still wondered why do glasses have to cost so much, Not just that, for times when I have to rest my eyes from lens due to dusty weather etc. I have to have another two pair of glasses one for far distance and one for reading!!! I need an even bigger handbag than I have now! So we came out with three prescriptions for glasses !!! But one step at a time! These can wait a bit lol When all is done your next step is the Opticians. We went at 12:40 pm and finished from there 4: 45 pm !!!! Of course, I thanked my precious son but even he was tired after that lol. I was like saying to him in the car " hmmm... after that afternoon, I doubt you will be too eager to take me again anytime soon haha! Feedback: if you want to finish your fasting day quickly, go for an eye check lol! Believes me it works!!! My son and I then went to coop to buy stuff for next day as all his friends are invited for fatoor next day. The Fatoor: We bought a little zucchini and cabbage mashi from a lady at the coop who makes various Ramadhan dishes and sells them there daily, we just wanted to see if we should order for next day so took a sample. So, that was tried at fatoor time. All of us gathered today, we had various tamr, the usual sambosas, lugaimat with date syrup (some like it with honey), and chicken Shurba. After we prayed, we had the main dish of chicken stew and white rice with fattoush salad. We decided not to buy any of the food samples we bought today as they were a far cry from the original recipes. Later, we sat down to have qahwa, coffee and relax. After final prayers etc. I was feeling tired as I didn't nap in afternoon so didn't take me long to fall asleep, I didn't even bother watching the tv competition! So ladies that was my hectic day!!
  7. 6th & 7 the Day of Ramadhan, 2017: I am combining these two as yesterday I went on a trip and couldn't post anything as by time I reached home it was late and I was sleepy ZZZZzzz. On the 6 the day, I went out to buy gifts for my daughter and grand kids before trip following day. Then packaged them ready for next day. We had lamb stew for our main fatoor along with the sambosas and sausage rolls as side dishes. There was less than normal, portion wise as almost everyone was invited elsewhere. So, I just made enough for who stayed and a little extra for Suhoor time. If we ever have extra, we make parcels and family members will give it to people near the mosques. So far, I try to just make sufficient food, and desserts that keep well for a couple of days in fridge such as fruit jelly, or we have fresh fruits and dates. My DILs are into sweets and cakes etc. although I can make some nice cakes etc. I am more into making the more savory foods. Just as well otherwise, would be eating a lot of sweet and rich stuff! I set a time for everything, for housework and laundry in the morning, and even ironing once clothes are dried. Then onto preparing dough, or desserts if required that day. Then there is a time for prayer and reading, then cooking and so forth. So, the time goes pretty fast. The 7th Day: At Suhoor time, sInce it was weekend, almost everyone was awake, hubby was away at the farm. For Suhoor we had light fresh vegetable soup, Cereal with warm milk for those who wanted it and rice with yogurt. Since everyone was tired, they didn't take long. I went out with son on our trip to Sharjah to reach there for fatoor, I couldn't be earlier as daughter arrives there ( her mother in laws house) around that time. That is where we will all meet since we were also picking up dear DIL and granddaughter who live with us but she was just visiting her parents for a few days. It was a good time for us to see our relatives and my daughter and precious grand kids whom I longed to see. The trip itself was a nice change of weather so to say as I hardly go out much unless with family. When we arrived we greeted everyone and sat down to chat. My grandkids gave me a double look wondering how I arrived in the sitting room lol . When I spoke- that was all they needed to gather round me fighting for my lap lol. I played with them a little and they wanted me to take them to the shop as when they come to stay a while here in Abu Dhabi, I take them out for fun. After hugs and more hugs, it was time for fatoor. They had made harees, and their Neighbours sent then various dishes, such as machbous, a couple of different fish dishes, and a salad dish. I ate some fish, and harees since we haven't had it since Ramadhan started. A good friend of mine normally sends it but have to check on her and give her a call tomorrow inshallah. They also made some charmie which looks like A ricotta cheese but isn't. They eat this with dates or even white rice. The men ate in a tent next to their house. This is what they do all the time. After, fatoor it was time for red tea and qahwa and we chatted some more and when I asked them how Ramadhan was going for them, DIL felt the days were long-I wonder where the time goes!! By this time it was time to go as it would be really late for son to drive back, plus, he had been on work duty the day before until late morning, day of the trip. There were more hugs and little kids cried : ( because it was time to go- I could have bawled my head off myself but they were ok afterwards. The trip going there was not so bad but coming back was rather nerve wrecking especially on small road with cars going both ways- the whole road had six wheelers So it was pretty dangerous, a couple of the six wheelers at least gave way for us to past by. It was after 11 or so when we arrived back home in Abu Dhabi and it didn't take me long to quickly fall asleep ! Well ladies, that's it for now- good night all! Sleepy head here!
  8. Okay ladies, just to remind you all the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition will open on 26th April, 2017 until 2/4th may, 2017. It is a great event to go to, lots of great books in almost all languages-each country having their own sections. The event is televise too. There will be famous authors from around the world, regional and local as well. There will be Book signing by famous authors even famous chefs who will also be probably demonstrating some of their cooking skills. Story telling for both kids and adults and other activities. I know if I go I will end up buying books lol still have a few to read from last years event!! Newcomers will love this - try it anyway! Have fun!!
  9. The UAE is my home but I can relate to how many expats or newcomers feel when first coming out to live and settle in a new country that will be home for a certain time. It takes a lot of adjustment and a building block of new trust and security has to be rebuilt. When my hubby studied abroad in our earlier years, it took us a while to settle for our 1-2 year stay. Plus, you always keep at the back of your mind that you will be going back home and rather than enjoying and making the most of the great opportunity given to you in life -to experience something new, you tend to tick off the days on the calender waiting for the time it is to return home-this very point is what is preventing you from settling and as a new expat you really need to look ahead, learn everything about your new area, make new friends and get especially organized ahead of time to make settling into a new home environment much easier. In fact, the UAE is the best of places to easily fit in once here. The sooner you settle the sooner everyone will be happy. Stressing out will only spread in family so sorting all settling areas is the key. First when arriving: 1. Try to come early and have at least a couple of weeks free to settle as a family at home before work starts. This is needed. It is difficult for a woman to get things done around house for installation of washing machines etc and the like when in the industrial world, it is dominated male services-this should all be done before works starts so family can start settling quicker without these worries. At all times, You need to be cautious when having people in to service things around the home and always have eyes on the kids. Make sure you have secured a house before uprooting. The house should be cleaned out and maintenance done before moving in, if you do move in and find anything, make notes for your hubby to give to house owner . Clean house to suit you once here and have bathrooms, bedrooms done first so kids can get busy with sorting out their stuff or younger ones have a place cleaned and ready to play. Next step, should be kitchen then in due time work towards all other rooms and house areas. Get the tv up and running as the sound of an open tv makes the house feel homely. Points for new home: install filters ( candle stick ones like Doultons) for filtering tap water for tea and cooking. You can also find washing machine ones if you wish , the washing machines etc are usually installed by the store from which you buy. Always ask for service number and keep on wall for anytime you need it. If you already have these in an apartment then you need not worry. I have moved house several times in the past so have the experience behind me now. Consider putting up basket ball nets for the boys or even getting a new pet to keep kids occupied and not feeling depressed, animals are great at comforting kids. I am going into a bit of detail here so bare with me on this....this will help a lot. Your locality: Every area almost have a long block of shops- find your nearest one and make notes of what is a available. You should find a 'bagala' grocery shop (means it is recognized for it quality by the government), a pharmacy, a stationary for school and work stuff with printing, copying and scanning services, a laundry which usually does hand washing & ironing of clothes , bed sheets, some do carpets etc. they have dry cleaning services, steaming services and pick up and delivery services . Even shops will do this in the event you need anything and don't want to go out. I give small tips. Also, usually there is a industrial shop which usually means a hardware shop- here you may find electricity services , plumbers ( known as pipe fitters here) and several other services. Many know English or broken Arabic. Once you have these noted , you will be equipped at least with a consumer, friendly locality service. Now, you can look for a larger friendly consumer shopping store, pick a couple of favorites you would like to go to every week such as Carrefour or Lulu. Schools: In the first weeks before work starts, kids should be registered in schools or earlier even at appropriate times. This would probably be your first social gathering place for both kids and parents- meet other parents and kids will start to build up new friendships here and their new neighborhood if other kids around. Introduce yourself to other parents , take the first step even and ask questions, soon you will build new friendships too. Go to Parents/teachers events and school bazaars etc. and join in the fun. Medical Clinics and hospitals: Find the nearest SEHA health clinic near you and take note, this is the place you go to to have family treated for minor ailments or childhood vaccinations. There are private hospitals you can go too as well such as Al Noor Hospital on Airport Road near Carrefour Hypermarket. All your Ids , visas, health cards should be done with by time you start your job. Always have a file for each family members-everywhere you go, keep in the car for unexpected requests. You need passport copies, passport photos, birth certificate copes, and the like. This will save time having to go home again! Never give originals and leave them, SHOW original but take it back and leave copy only. Events in the UAE: There are a load of fabulous family events in the UAE, UAE festivals, fair grounds within these festivals, food truck events at the Corniche, international books fairs-one coming up in Abu Dhabi very soon, marathons , Spartan races, fun activities for everyone! You won't regret going to these. There are many gathering groups on ABW too such as coffee mornings- there are a real great bunch of ladies on here truly!! You don't have to make a step even-- just tap on the keyboard and you are on your way! The Gardens & Parks: Families gather every Friday at gardens and parks , adults picnic while kids play. There is the Airport Road park area which as a KFC, or you could barbecue! I have seen many things over the years in gardens even a wedding celebration! There is Mushrif park, the al Bateen Family Park and Beach which has tea and food trucks around. I see lots of action there! There are many gardens, check out the nearest one to you. the Corniche: The focal point for boat races, Red Bull flying shows, dhow races, fun activities on the beach, and food trucks here and there. You can also rent a bicycle or tricycle there , great for the kids and adults alike. Kids: Like everywhere else in the world, eyes on kids always. Don't allow them to go to public toilets alone unless with adult. Nor, let them wonder off alone . Whenever anyone comes to do odd jobs around the house, better for both parents to be around or a friend, don't be alone. Bills: Water & electricity bills even post paid phone bills can be paid online or ATM machines these days, you can almost follow anything up even car fines online. Your kids schools will also have online websites etc for schedules of events, holidays etc. Familiarize yourself with UAE laws: This will help you understand more about the place within which you live, making you feel confident and equipped to deal with anything. UAE Culture : Learn which dress is the national dress of the UAE so you can distinguish them from amongst the many other regional Arab countries, Asian and far Asian people in the multi-cultural environment of the UAE. Learn a little local Arabic so you can get to know the locals. ( give you some key words in another post) Learn some of the dos and don't regarding dress code etc. , not a lot to worry about though! People are so friendly. When you are researching the area of your locality, make it a fun event for the kids- let them know you are going around the block to discover what stores etc they have. Try out some of the foods etc such as pastries to make it even more fun. When we kept moving house, we would go around the neighborhood a couple of times. And on following times hubby would pretend to be lost and this would have the kids jump into action giving directions! Helps them to become orientated to the environment and thus a sense of belonging to new area. Well that's all I can type for now ladies lol , tired I hope this will be of help to some new family out there anyway. Will post more tips! Enjoy your time in the UAE, make the most of it : ) best wishes DD
  10. 7th Day of Ramadhan ( 2016) Sunday

    *The Suhoor: I only slept for two hours before I woke up for suhoor on Sunday. It was enough though to break the sleep.. I had a lot to do- usually after Fatoor people become more active so the winding down time doesn't come until later. I try more or less to keep to a similar sleep routine but with a couple of hours difference. I didn't even need the alarm to wake me up, I just woke up sensing it was time. The suhoor was light as usual, and I always have a cup of tea around this time. In the past though, years back, I would be making large suhoor meals as in those days, the whole of the neighbours' men and their kids would have fatoor and even suhoor outside in the middle of our not- so- busy street in front of the houses. The men would roll out the carpets, and put the water and dates etc.. and the women would each decide in the morning what each would make for the fatoor or even suhoor. We all knew each other very well, the wives were next door to each other so the men were all close friends and even the mosque was close by too. The kids would absolutely love Ramadhan time as the excitement of them all eating together with their friends and their dads were indeed memorable. Mashallah it was truly a very close neighborly bond. After, Taraweeh prayers, they men and younger generation would gather together again, around 11 pm-12 pm to participate in sports activities to keep fit but even this event was held in the street in front of all our houses at the time -they would put up volley ball nets and play throughout Ramadhan. The nets of course had to be put down again after playing since it was a street after all. Most times those days, I would be awake through to suhoor as I had to cook a large meal for them all. It would be 'ish wa lamb' made soon after I finished tawareeh prayers, at 2 am it was served on a large traditional round, flower tray with a lentil filling, or chick pea filling , with side dishes of yogurt and salad-by that time the neighbourhood was hungry lol. You can imagine the cleaning up afterwards! It was a special time and memorable Ramadhans-Al Hamdulilah. *The Fatoor: The day started off in a regular routine, doing housework etc. laundry and checking everything before all preparation for making dough, desserts (so they set) before main preparation of main meal begins. Yesterday, there were quick gusts of winds knocking against the windows, it reminded me of the last strange storm we have--in fact, it had me wondering as that last one was unexpected so who knows what to expect now lol. I was also thinking about the flying dust, as it makes extra work on the outside area of the house. Sometimes I want to dust lights outside just outside door on each side of the walls, but stopped doing that now ( and they really do need a good dusting) but birds have made them their homes and their nests are hanging out :o So, they are left alone, I 'll have to ask hubby if he is opening the lights ( doubt it for same reason) but hate that the nests may be a cause for a fire hazard! I will have to check if any eggs in them or not -but not getting up there so someone can do it lol. As you get into Ramadhan ( usually by 3rd day) everything Mashallah clicks into place as over the years of fasting, it becomes routine. Yesterday, my neighbour made fried chicken and we made a stew with white rice and salad. Laban drinks are also popular at the table during this time, jug of juice of the day was Tang this time. I leave this on the table for anyone to help themselves when they want. Vimto of course is the most popular in Ramadhan and has been for years and years and years..seriously! Having said that, the bottles are very much reused and always have been to store homemade sauces etc..indeed, as we speak , I have one in my fridge with an homemade made tomato sauce in it that my dear MIL sent me - so, Vimto if you are listening out there , don't change the bottle design as it has become a signature bottle here lol-- also very popular homemade lemon juice and mint, followed by Tang and Sunquick and these days , water melon juice. Of course not limited to these for other nationalities- there are far more very popular juices such as apricot juice and Tamr Indi drinks. Well ladies that was yesterday :) :) Have a nice day all !