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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, we went to the Al Wathba Zayed Heritage Festival, It is a fairly straight drive. We went around 4 pm thus, finding parking close to the fort. It is a large beautiful fort too. Plenty of parking but with it being such a popular event each year the later you go, the harder it is to find good parking. When you enter, there is a check in screening procedure and there are tickets but not sure how much as son paid for them. Women go in one door with their kids and the men another but you end up same place inside. Wheel chair accessible too. The Festival is brilliant to be honest.. Last year I thought it was fantastic but this year is even better, it has more pavement area than sand now, it has many beautiful and different kinds of seating area, and also in the middle area lots of food stalls with all kinds of food to suit everyone's taste. Performances: We saw local performances ( dances) in various areas, and local children dance performances-and even international dance performances.. each having a stage in the center of their shopping stall area with each country labeled. All wonderful performances. I loved also watching a Chinese performance showing various slow fighting ?? or dance moves. That was really interesting to watch. Each country had their own costumes on and such beautiful colours too. It was really interesting to see the Ukrainians and other performers ( while on their breaks) dancing to the local folk songs. Shopping (local and International Stalls): I went to several places to shop like the UAE had a lot of traditional wear, houseware, ladies selling their homemade pickles of lemon, mangos, onions and the like, spicy butter, spice mixes, home incenses and so much more. We bought some pickles, and a couple of dresses for grand daughter. Then we saw the falcons so we got to stroke them too. Granddaughter kneeled near them but when they flapped their wings that was enough for her to move away lol. (Heritage) Traditional Sports: They have the camels, horses and Falconry of course, then you have the fishing village area where you to get to see fishing nets etc. being made. Local shows and Competitions: There is a live show like the Ramadhan competition where people are asked questions and win a cash prize--very popular with the locals- and even visitors. It ii live on TV too everyday from 7 pm-8 pm (Abu Dhabi TV), we watch it everyday if time allows, but yesterday we were there and are planning to go again and get a table nearby to watch the whole show. The male host in the show ( there is a lady too) gets the audience going and is really funny-he gives the show life and Mashallah everyone likes him, I think his name is Saeed and as my son said he is a very good actor in the threatre area regarding comedies. There are lots of Tv cameras everywhere at the ground. The Bands: The bands parade through the grounds in a circle, I loved that too. They go round one or two times, we were fortunately to see them twice and first was while we entered. The Fun Fair: There is a large fun fair on the grounds too, big Ferris wheel and all kinds of rides etc.. we didn't have time to go inside this area as we were already enjoying the Heritage area. Also , on the bridge ( where the lights are above you) at entrance and exit point, I saw people gathering around taking pictures of this man and asking a lot of questions. There was a statue there next to him, and I wondered what all the fuss was about lol, then son told me.. that isn't a statue, it is a man on some stick, ( that was absolutely still), wow, lol I was like so that's is why haha. You really have to see that! They have trolleys you can rent, and little car trolleys for kids to sit in, also saw those mall cars type transportation for anyone who needs to be driven around. I think I touch a lot of things but not everything to be honest. You really should go and have fun, the weather is perfect too -nice to feel the breeze on your face.! Well. that's it ladies, tried to give you a good detail above so , if you really want to see traditional ( and the world even) go here and see.