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Found 2 results

  1. The Shiekh Zayed Heritage Festival has opened ( just 2 days now) at al Wathba, it is a great yearly event.. a must see. lots of things to see there, buy, and even the food stalls . I enjoyed the one last year, so hope to go again this year. You can buy local food products, spices, traditional garments, winter shawls, and so much more. Lots of entertainments and firework events too. Last year there was a classic car show event there. So, something for everyone. Note: This will last until 27th January, 2018. Nice time of the year too!
  2. 18th & 19th Ramadhan ( 2016)

    18 th & 19th Ramadhan (2016) Thursday-Friday On Thursday Morning hubby went to the farm and I finished off putting away all the new pots and plates away and even packed them back in boxes until I find extra storage space for them. I was thirsty this day as I didn't have time to drink as much water as I should have between break of fast and 1 am the day before-of the dinner event. Nevertheless, I have so much to do that the day went fast enough-and Mashallah I have to say, Ramadhan is going so fast as we are already in the last days. Working to early hours of morning, thus, having no free time to post that day. Indeed, I believe that is a blessing getting us through the heat of Ramadhan- not that anyone of us want to rush life but it FEELS it is going fast. 19th Ramadhan (Friday): Today is also the day of remembering the Founding father of the UAE and the leadership of the late President, H. H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It is Zayed Humanitarian Day and falls on the 19th day of Ramadan every year. I was reading and listening to all the special tributes to Zayed in the news and on TV. I wanted to spend more time but as you all know my driver is away and when I get the chance to go out it which maybe spur of the moment- awkward times that I don't usually go- but yesterday as soon as Taraweeh prayers were over my son took me to the coop to stock up, I had a long list -which I forgot in my rush to go out! I have a good visual memory ( thank God) so I indeed did remember everything on the list. The supermarket ( near out home) was super busy, and I was tired and now pushing the heavy trolley around while son was at the butchers buying the meat. Now, this was after 10: 30 pm and I went out -good timing anyway as other son brought in people to do maintenance work. My a/c was dripping water in three places due to some blockage and my son's a/c wasn't even working, plus the kitchen a/c outside was out too... gosh, when they cleaned it , you should have seen the oily muck that came from the cleaning of the a/c itself and on the roof. When I came back home and put all the shopping away, I found out they would finish my a/c in a few minutes, so that was good. Afterwards *sigh* it meant cleaning all the bathroom where the filters were located for the central a/c. All I want to do at this time was sit and relax but it wasn't happening. I am just so thankful that I had covered everything in a roll of plastic sheeting as it saved cleaning everything. Anything exposed though had to be swept and washed. So, you could see where my time has been going these past two day. It was after 1 am when they had finished and yes, some people will work even till 3 am in Ramadhan as they rest during the day. You can see this day in a way repeated the day before as I still didn't getting to relax and eat or drink as much water as I needed too. In Ramadhan, you will see everyone getting busy after Taraweeh prayers with many things and during the last third of Ramadhan people will be busy buying new clothes and shoes for Eid or even gifts depending on what they do. At the brief moments I had, while drinking a cup of tea way late, I manage to watch some of the wonderful tributes to Sheikh Zayed. Living in the days he was around, was indeed an honour and he was very clearly a true, humble leader - very much loved not only by his people but by many other nationalities in the UAE. I remember so many things, he was so humble, kind, active and so much into his people, indeed, he would unexpectedly turn up in the public Ramadhan competitions held in heritage villages ( where a host would ask an audience questions based on the UAE's heritage, locations of villages in the UAE, or the meaning of specific words with historical origins) and while watching this on TV ( or even if you were part of the audience there) you would see at times the host of the show reacting to something and the audience suddenly standing up clapping and cheering like crazy- and you sat there in front of your TV wondering what was going on and waiting for camera man to move his lens lol--then there he was.... Sheikh Zayed coming in to join in the fun-everyone would go crazy and he very often did this. His smiles and laughter made everyone cheer so loud, and he made every Ramadhan and even one's normal day very special indeed. You could see his eyes swell up with tears at joys of seeing his people, this is truly how very noble and kind-hearted he was during his leadership-it just came naturally to him. He reached their hearts always. He was mashallah also very intelligent always making very wise quotes. Very memorable ones too. One of my favourites is this as I believe it is so true indeed: " He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn." So, on that quote ladies I leave you for now.