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Found 5 results

  1. Hi my friends A little bit ago, I bought furniture for my home from this store. I got curtains, sofas and carpets from here. I was completely satisfied with their service. I suggest you go to AL KHOOR CURTAINS if you need furniture for yours. MOBILE : 00971505121712 LOCATION : https://goo.gl/maps/TMtXKE48GDD2 WEBSITE : https://al-khoor-curtains-co.business.site/
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  3. mm.. trying to catch up with everything but time seems to be running a head of me Well, water dispenser was fixed, gas situation sorted out.. since my last post. Always busy here doing something. Just have a few minutes on here to catch up.. did all my cooking for today's fatoor and have to go back down soon to prepared to send to neighbours and friends.Friends have been calling me and relatives. One wanted advice about arranging something in her kitchen, and one was telling me about pests she was annoyed with as the area she now lives in seems infested. I bought some safe insect traps for her, and then I had to get some spices done for my daughter as someone will take them to the USA for her. I finally got the spices prepared this morning and ready for their friend to pick up. I did that this morning and packed it ready. I heard hubby wants to have guests this week... but... Mijlis still has electricity tripping off each time we bring someone to 'fix' it so not sure what is going on there.. on the bright side, not in a hurry to have guest yet loool. On the 6th, we had machbous Lamb , very much a local dish with daquos ( a tomatoe salsa -side for the machbous) which is also sometimes served with pickled limes or veggies. I made Crème caramel that day and Lugiamat ( every day). For suhoor, it took several knocks to wake everyone up, as some of them had work to do after Taraweeh prayers and once they were home, fell asleep as very tired. Some were on time at the table, others several minutes late.. but sufficient time for them to eat something before the fast started. On the 7 th, we made chicken soup, with white rice, salad, and the usual sides. I made custard and jelly for light desserts. For Suhoor this morning, my dear grandson was awake, he is not normally awake this time but because he had fallen and hit the coffee table, he had broken his front tooth , so he was showing me.. thus, probably indeed very sore and thus awake until then. Must have been a horrible bang , poor kid. He enjoyed being awake for the first time at an unusual time, and was confused about what meal of the day this was lol. Today, I made lamb stew , fattoush salad, light drinking soup to start, and Lugaimat. I also, made for light side dishes , mini pasties which my sons love. My daughter in law ( she calls me mom always) is making something she feels like and that is stuffed vine leaves. these light dishes, can always keep in fridge too for another day. It has been a busy day truly, the morning was also spent cleaning bedrooms and changing bedsheets.. laundry made a huge mixed up with some sheets..doesn't usually happen but added an extra task of having to go there, to all my other tasks. He lost part of a set so yes, I am annoyed as it the quilt cover and a sheet missing. Well that my day so far ladies... oh, been reading about this cyclone about to hit Oman etc.. so keep safe everyone out there, hope it doesn't affect us here. I still remember the last strange storm we had Bye for now!!
  4. Well this year, my year is very full and very busy to be honest. Yesterday was a really busy day. I went for my routine appointment at Cleveland ( following Thyroid surgery) , then went off to buy some groceries and a counter top oven, as while I use the bigger oven to place all the main dishes sich as rice etc. I need another oven to make all the pastries which i do every day. It is a lot of cooking especially since with all families together and I cook for everyone. When I arrived home I made the dough for the 'lugaimat' golden sweet fritters which is served with date syrup and a sprinkle of sesame seeds sometimes, also at times honey-depending. We had lamb machbous, various types of sambosas,, homemade vegetable shourba, and sausuage rolls, then salad is made and tea etc or Vimto. I make huge batches but when distributed between everyone it goes. I am usually in the kitchen for hours finishing each dish.. Later, I find a little time after finishing, to clean up , read a while ( never leave it till later )as sleep will overcome me then! Then I go back down to distribute it in serving containers for everyone. The only problem I had is that yesterday with it being such a full day with appointment and getting groceries, I slept through time I was to take my medicine at 2 am ( timing has change accordingly as one hour before food) So, I didn't get to eat much and then I had to wait to eat as the time was clicking away and close to suhoor. I did put my alarm but it didn't go off as I didn't set it properly. Today, Inshallah should be better though as I didn't go out today and slept a little longer this morning ( I woke up early yesterday). Once we get up for suhoor, we stay awake until fajr prayers as very close, then we go to bed. I woke up at 3 am to wake everyone for suhoor, ( that when I took my medicine -really late) then woke up everyone else. Hubby was like wake me up a little later... I advised him earlier since he won't have much time to drink his tea ( as hot) ...soooo.. today, he said nooo, wake me up earlier, I didn't have much time yesterday.!! We had are usual pastry left overs from fatoor and breakfast cereal. I bought Kellogg's Cornflakes yesterday and came across the big 1 kilo box lol.. so that is on table for suhoor now. That was that, Al handulilah. I did appreciate the fact that I prepared batches of frozen veggies ( which I did myself) for shorba , does help a lot really! Well ladies, That's it for today. Already preparing for today;s cooking .
  5. Well, I have been very busy the past few weeks preparing house ( I do a major clean up, rearranging things around the house, adding new decor, just before Ramadhan.) I think Everything is almost done. I just have the hallway , since looking for a nice vase for that area and haven't found one suitable for the spot. I have almost finished making and freezing sambosas for Ramadhan ( various kinds)... 2-3 more pkts. than done. I have also cut and blanched veggies this week while cooking in kitchen, ready to grab and cook for shourba etc etc.. On top of that, loads of daily routine stuff, appointments and errands. As you all know from my last year's posts, I always do my Ramadhan shopping earlier, to avoid the long queues in the supermarkets. I am certainly thankful i did too. I also very keen on observing prices at various supermarkets throughout the year. And, I can tell you the regular ones I USED to buy at are not on top of my list this year. Reasons being, too many price increases, and some supermarkets and i find it annoying that they increase prices and then sell under 'special Ramadhan prices'. Also, prices and bar codes are different so I stopped shopping at those places if I find that. Some even overprice so be sure to check your receipts! Best place in all genuine honesty, will get a name mention and That is Carrefoure. They have for sure this year sincerely shown great prices and I have been there already three times. There you have my feedback! Ramadhan is at the door, just a few days away ladies!! I wish you are all ready for the busy days ahead.. best wishes!!! If anyone is still interested in my day to day or ( two days) post of Ramadan for this year, let me know.. I don't want to write if noone is reading lol .
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