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Found 42 results

  1. First Days of Tax

    So How is everyone else finding the first couple of days... Tax is not the problem, but retailers are really getting out of hand with it. Last week simple cheese sandwich , that was even dry and they keep for at least three days ( Petrol stations shops ), there was a price tag of Dh 10 over a 3:50 price tag! They claimed it was tax before even it being implemented. Yet there was no VAT on receipt. Now, today, fast food places in Maqtaa area have increased their items by DH1-thus every item you order, you pay a DH extra then plus the tax.. The tax is not the issue but the fact that retailers think its okay to be greedy and grab more is just wrong. They have to pay tax like everyone else, and not take more than that. While the tax is 5% the extra dh added to each items can end up being far much more. How are your experiences been? Oh, I keep previous receipts too, that how I observe.
  2. *****HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!*****

    Wishing everyone a happy new year!! God bless and best wishes everyone!
  3. Okay, we went to the Al Wathba Zayed Heritage Festival, It is a fairly straight drive. We went around 4 pm thus, finding parking close to the fort. It is a large beautiful fort too. Plenty of parking but with it being such a popular event each year the later you go, the harder it is to find good parking. When you enter, there is a check in screening procedure and there are tickets but not sure how much as son paid for them. Women go in one door with their kids and the men another but you end up same place inside. Wheel chair accessible too. The Festival is brilliant to be honest.. Last year I thought it was fantastic but this year is even better, it has more pavement area than sand now, it has many beautiful and different kinds of seating area, and also in the middle area lots of food stalls with all kinds of food to suit everyone's taste. Performances: We saw local performances ( dances) in various areas, and local children dance performances-and even international dance performances.. each having a stage in the center of their shopping stall area with each country labeled. All wonderful performances. I loved also watching a Chinese performance showing various slow fighting ?? or dance moves. That was really interesting to watch. Each country had their own costumes on and such beautiful colours too. It was really interesting to see the Ukrainians and other performers ( while on their breaks) dancing to the local folk songs. Shopping (local and International Stalls): I went to several places to shop like the UAE had a lot of traditional wear, houseware, ladies selling their homemade pickles of lemon, mangos, onions and the like, spicy butter, spice mixes, home incenses and so much more. We bought some pickles, and a couple of dresses for grand daughter. Then we saw the falcons so we got to stroke them too. Granddaughter kneeled near them but when they flapped their wings that was enough for her to move away lol. (Heritage) Traditional Sports: They have the camels, horses and Falconry of course, then you have the fishing village area where you to get to see fishing nets etc. being made. Local shows and Competitions: There is a live show like the Ramadhan competition where people are asked questions and win a cash prize--very popular with the locals- and even visitors. It ii live on TV too everyday from 7 pm-8 pm (Abu Dhabi TV), we watch it everyday if time allows, but yesterday we were there and are planning to go again and get a table nearby to watch the whole show. The male host in the show ( there is a lady too) gets the audience going and is really funny-he gives the show life and Mashallah everyone likes him, I think his name is Saeed and as my son said he is a very good actor in the threatre area regarding comedies. There are lots of Tv cameras everywhere at the ground. The Bands: The bands parade through the grounds in a circle, I loved that too. They go round one or two times, we were fortunately to see them twice and first was while we entered. The Fun Fair: There is a large fun fair on the grounds too, big Ferris wheel and all kinds of rides etc.. we didn't have time to go inside this area as we were already enjoying the Heritage area. Also , on the bridge ( where the lights are above you) at entrance and exit point, I saw people gathering around taking pictures of this man and asking a lot of questions. There was a statue there next to him, and I wondered what all the fuss was about lol, then son told me.. that isn't a statue, it is a man on some stick, ( that was absolutely still), wow, lol I was like so that's is why haha. You really have to see that! They have trolleys you can rent, and little car trolleys for kids to sit in, also saw those mall cars type transportation for anyone who needs to be driven around. I think I touch a lot of things but not everything to be honest. You really should go and have fun, the weather is perfect too -nice to feel the breeze on your face.! Well. that's it ladies, tried to give you a good detail above so , if you really want to see traditional ( and the world even) go here and see.
  4. From today, the International Falconry Festival Starts, it is a three day event. The activities will be held at Telal Resort, in Rehmah, Abu dhabi. On 8th and 9th December, the festival will move to Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi, Where various competitions and special tours will be help for the public too.
  5. The Shiekh Zayed Heritage Festival has opened ( just 2 days now) at al Wathba, it is a great yearly event.. a must see. lots of things to see there, buy, and even the food stalls . I enjoyed the one last year, so hope to go again this year. You can buy local food products, spices, traditional garments, winter shawls, and so much more. Lots of entertainments and firework events too. Last year there was a classic car show event there. So, something for everyone. Note: This will last until 27th January, 2018. Nice time of the year too!
  6. My favourite UAE based Instagram accounts

    In the United Arab Emirates Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms so in this post I will be introducing my favourite Instagram accounts from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For everyone who does not have an Instagram account I highly recommend this Abu Dhabi based Facebook group which offers lots of advice on living vegan in the UAE. Read More: https://desertanddates.com/2017/09/07/my-favourite-uae-based-instagram-accounts/
  7. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    Time for a little break.. another fun UAE quiz...let's test how much you know.. it is simple enough, if you want it easier/ more difficult let me know so next time I will take it into consideration. I could give options for answers but I won't as it will make it too easy. Write your answers in 1.2.3.... (list) order and I will let you know answers at the end after a few days. 1, Name the capital of the UAE. 2. When is UAE National Day? 3. How many Eids are there in a year ? Name them. 4. The first Eid comes after............?, and the second Eid comes after......? ( two answers) 5. How many 'states' make up the UAE and what is the popular name for 'state' we use locally? ( two answers) 6. What is the local currency? 7. Who is the President of the UAE? 8. What is the local name for 'school' ( and region in general)? 9. What do you call bread locally? 10. If you are going to the market.. you are going to the (.............). <<<<[put in the missing local word for market here]
  8. road bicycle vlra

    27 inch road bicycle 21 speed Shimano equipment Dual disk break system AED 850 For More Info Contact Us Call : 0527760004 whatsapp : 00971553657138
  9. For years now there have been lots of beautification projects in the capital and elsewhere, but I like to observe what's going on in the areas close to me and when I venture downtown Abu Dhabi with my sons and their wives. Since I don't go too much inside Abu Dhabi, now when I go I feel I have lost time lol and see some really very beautiful and still ongoing projects. I have been to Maryah Island, Impressed! Lots going on there. I went to the Cleveland Hospital and since me and hubby were searching for the hospital (we actually past it twice lol -just went in circles) as print on hospital wasn't exactly standing out..then again our eye sight isn't what it use to be lol , thus, why we really got to see a little more of the island. I can see it developing into a major city in its own, probably lots of job potential popping up there too, especially as many buildings are developed, many still being built and thus, the whole place requiring all kinds of businesses.. I enjoyed the trip, except that the purpose of the trip to get an appointment was unsuccessful! I know you have all probably been through that long and recently new tunnel that cuts minutes to get to Mina area now. Now , don't get me wrong it is a very nice tunnel but I am soooo happpyyy when I see light at the end lol. Anyone else feel the same?? ( Probably just me though!) I have been through it many times but still like it once exited from it. When I was in Khalifa A, I observed the new developed, new stores, new roads etc. being done, and still very much on going few years later and the whole area and BTB area is all being done. Now, I notice the Khor BTB being developed into what is looking like a real nice area.. looks like a corniche being paved there and railing- the orange gating was down so I saw that. :) It all looks very interesting anyway big thanks to the authorities and those who work on the sites to make the city beautiful. New stores open up here and there, Just Burger in the neighbourhood too! Including kitchen Burger of which are both very famous. My hubby said he never wants to see another burger again lol as too many are cropping up here and there now. This week I have been cooking a lot , lunch and supper so just as well but now and then other family members will bring something from outside. I am a bit wary of food from outside at times especially since it is very hot now too. Well some news about Abu Dhabi :) Have a nice day everyone!
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  11. During Ramadhan and also which continues into Eid there have been some really good tv programmes on (in Arabic) on both Emirates tv and Sama Dubai -all worthy of praise for the whole hearted way they were presented by the hosts and the members of the shows and for the heritage info they shared. Even if you don't know the language you can still figure out what is going on with the displays and samples they show. I will go into more details on this after. The other famous show " Duroob" ( journeys) by Ask Ali ( Ali al Saloom) is very educational and is all about the journeys he makes learning about different cultures around the world and being inspired or gaining a deeper appreciation for the different ways of life and traditions around the world. Now, I looked out for this program every time but I couldn't get to see it when I wanted as the timing of the shows were around the time I prepare iftar table , after everyone gets back from mosque, but yesterday son told me it was also on Abu Dhabi TV too at another time so, I didn't know that-but like I said. I was wayyy too busy this Ramadhan! Having said that, the Eid programmes on the past two days ...were doing something new and that was reviewing all the Ramadhan shows and the interviewing the actors/actresses ( all great ones!) and guess who also being interviewed?? Ali alSaloom of "Duroob" ( journeys). I was very happy to see them interviewing him on tv as Mashallah ( wa Allah Barak Fi) as we say here, he passes on a lot of knowledge . You know in the U.K. When anyone does something positive and notable they are knighted and he, I believe deserves the equivalent of such really as the program is very informative and inspirational. To me he is like one of my sons! So, I had a whole review really of his journeys and it was fascinating to listen too. So, the interview show itself deserves praise as I enjoy watching it during Eid and seeing the funny actresses and actiors which all received gifts from the hosts too. I hope they do this every year during Eid and continue to show all the above as they are fabulous shows. Now, in regards to the two heritage shows on both Emirates and Sama Dubai ( so glad one started after the other) and timings didn't clash- timings were perfect too -late night, even though they repeat them - they late timing was my relaxing time. One of the shows, alSharaa, I think it's called asked tv viewers heritage/geographical questions ( even though they gave hints) and awarded cash prizes . This is on Emirates tv , For me it was the interaction between host and panel of experts on heritage matters and interaction with call in viewers, they are always some funny moments on the show and again it's educational. The other show, I think is called , alSinara, on Sama Dubai and this show is highly informative, you learn about different local dishes, the traditional method of pickling, old clothes worn in the past with details discriptions of each and the male host will wear them and there is one man who mashallah gives a lot of details info on each item and these two act out old trading roles. Another two ladies bring old samples of ladies dresses, kohl, and the like. Even how they were wrapped and sold. These two ladies are funny and make you laugh. So hats off to them all for a excellent informative programme. I also allow myself to watch ONE local Ramadhan comedy ( I love them! ) this one was with the Bahraini actress Mariam in it-one of the ones interviewed too during Eid. I hope both stations continue these shows next year and even Duroob! Plus, the interview shows on and during Eid, so good job to both tv stations!! Well ladies, that's my thoughts on tv here and the programmes I like to watch :)!
  12. 27th-28th Ramadhan, 2017

    These past two days have been very busy, everyone cooking, cleaning their rooms ready for Eid, piles of laundry lol -don't know where that came from but sure glad it's not mine! Some bring clean laundry, some shopping for Eid clothes - each of them do this at different times to suit their schedules, so it has been a busy house lol. I cleaned out a part of the dresser area as I have some gift wrapping paper and bags etc. in that place so it just needed a good tidy up. Also, it is the time for hair trims or hair cuts so all the kids are taken too, then they come to me to tell me they had their hair done at the hairdressers., once all the kids have had their hair done etc. the adults concentrate on themselves. Normally, I make new dresses but really don't need any as I have a new dress I didn't wear last time as was stuck in kitchen cooking ' ish wa lamb' ( rice and lamb) so didn't wear it that time. I did make make new abayas and I was very fortunate to find the store people very polite and in a good mood -which is unusual especially during this hectic time of year when there are a lot of demands, and lots of sewing-but then again if I find a store that is not professional in their way, I am straight out of the door! So, I was very happy to have just the standard abayas ( normally without any fancy beading or decorative elements) and they were done nicely too. I already bought my shoes earlier, when I find a comfortable pair I like I don't wait for a Eid to be close, I buy them before Ramadhan. Usually, I buy for the two Eids at one time so in a couple of months or so from now, I am already, ready inshallah. Hubby came home yesterday from the farm, carrying his conduras and brought us some fresh half-ripe dates from the farm-the season is at the beginning for ripen dates. We enjoyed them for fatoor. If you ever buy fresh dates, remember you should not wash them and put them on plate as the water will hasten them to perish. You need a finger bowl of water and just dip one in each time you have one, this is the tradition. When I am typing I like to bold print or highlight some words or sentences respectively but I can't do that as my desk top is still down, thus, using iPad and hen pecking !! I prefer to have that option as makes for easier reading- well , I hope anyway lol i went to the clinic today to get some new info regarding upcoming surgery I am suppose to have -but not really looking forward too at all -sigh' al hamdulilah, though that I am at least finding out new options of where to go. For fatoor, we had a chicken soup with rice, a little harees which son brought, and fattoush. The time went pretty fast, and indeed it is only when we sit at the table those last couple of minutes that it seems to feel so slow lol I was a little thirsty today, no surprise since the weather is scorching hot!!! I felt like a Sambosa when I stood in the sun today ....being cooked!!! Lol The best part of the day for me is when you finally can sit to relax and eat little snacks and drink qahwa. I don't have a big meal, indeed I miss out the main meal and just have the shurba as I hate having full stomach when I pray. This is one of the best changes I have made during the years of fasting and it is far better. Well, ladies have a nice day! Next day may be the final day or Ramadhan but not sure yet until we hear news on tv, will post that later in evening. Either way, if any days left there will be not more than 1 day. Bye for now*
  13. 26th Ramadhan, 2017

    The Suhoor: I stayed awake until dawn yesterday but I had napped a little in the afternoon, sometimes I don't need much sleep and sometimes I can be very tired-depending. I woke everyone up for Suhoor, and my granddaughter likes to surprise me that she has arrived for Suhoor lol. Her uncle, shopper son, Mashallah is good at reacting mashallah- so gave her his usual double look, look and acted surprised and asked her what she was doing here - he always makes her laugh! Other sons gather around the table, one by one each, taking what they want and other sleepy son just looked into his cereal . They know having Suhoor at this time (3 am) , helps them through the fast, some people like to eat earlier but find themselves hungry or thirsty next day, so Suhoor is a very important habit to get into if you are fasting. When everyone had finished, granddaughter stayed out with me a few more minutes before going to her room. Later in the morning..... I was going to go out but changed my mind! Quite frankly, I just couldn't be bothered lol but I did have our dry cleaning bedsheets delivered and I did some work around the house. Hubby called......he wanted me to look for some new gutras he had bought for Eid and had wanted to take them to laundry first to be pressed, I didn't find them in the place he said he put them, but did find some papers he asked about and had lost!! In the Afternoon, dear son asked me if I wanted him to take me to put henna at salon, but not sure if I will or not. Normally, I would but maybe not this time. I have started preparing "ediya" Eid packets for family and relatives-these are a little money for spending on toys or whatever they wish. These are usually given on Eid days. Kids will come in their new clothes, shoes and girls carrying little bags for the ediyas they collect from family members, they greet everyone a happy Eid or "Eid Mubarak!" Then they receive the gifts of cash. Then I made a list of gifts I might want to buy if visiting anyone outside Abu Dhabi. The Fatoor: Shopper son took his wife and baby to other grandmothers for a few days and we will pick her up on second day of Eid then come back here. We made white rice and lamb. Then our usual fattoush salad. DIL made extra snacks too. Our favorite though is the shurba! We never started without breaking our fast first with dates and water then after that we go on to the light vegetable shurba . Only after prayer do we have the main meal. We just chatted a little afterwards with qahwa but not much time between the Maghrib prayer and is'sha prayer so have to do incense burner for hubby and boys' clothes before they head out. Then, I go to pray in my room and read too. After we sit and talk or each one has stuff to do. well, that was that day, ladies!
  14. 22nd-23rd Ramadhan, 2017

    The Last Days of Ramadhan..... We are in the last ten days of Ramadhan which are the highlight of this very special month. People will be attending extra late night prayers after 1 am and some people may decide to go to bigger mosques such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for the night prayers. These are night full of devotion to prayer and reading. During the day or afternoons, people will start going out more to but new clothes, and shoes for the family ready for Eid and when we come to the very last days mothers and daughters will go to apply henna on their hands and feet. Also, in the last two days, they will prepare for trips to families, go abroad even to visit family, or go for a short, local holiday, usually, emphasis is on family gatherings and handing out "eidiyas" gifts of a small amount of money to the kids in the family etc. . Yesterday, I had maintenance people in to finish fixing ACS that conked out, they came at a good time so that was convenient for us. Today, we had to bring in plumbers for garden water pump .....but turned out we needed a new one! If it is not one thing, it's another, you just get on with it and deal with it otherwise it will never get done. Our garden needs now fresh fertilizer so tomorrow inshallah that is the next step!! The Fatoor: Yesterday's fatoor was biryani chicken and we made some noodles if anyone wanted that too. I sent some of the noodle dish to our Neighbour too . Today we made machbous lamb and our Neighbour sent us some teeny bite sized pizzas. Most of us were at the table gathered these past few days, al hamdulilah. We had a yogurt and cucumber salad with it and fattoush salad. Son bought some pokara as they like the Indian pokara which is very spicy hot !! Grand daughter always waits for the canon to fire on tv while in her high chair and her and her father both say "kaboom" together lol. Mashallah. This Morning.... This morning I had to wake up earlier a little as so much to do, had an appointment -check up on my arm-so, wanted to clean a couple of rooms before going, that were on my house routine schedule. I managed to finish that and relax a few minutes before heading out for my appt. I went after 9 and left the hospital after 1pm as the dept I went to is always busy and patients need time especially those with injuries and who need dressings etc. so, quite logically this will take time. After, I waited a long time just as everyone else did, I went to pharmacy where again I had to wait, Later, I went to a stationary store to buy some decorative envelopes for the " ediyas" and with that done off to groceries to do some shopping. The time went real fast! Although, the past few days have been hot, today was really scorching hot and indeed, later it was officially reported that it reach the 50 mark!! It is funny though as where as I was thirsty days before, today I didn't think much about it!!! Probably, owing to just trying to fit everything into those hours to finish before fatoor! i was ready to rest after prayers but son and wife invited me out just for a drive and to have some Karak tea... I rarely go out after Maghrib unless with son and his wife and this was one of those rare days. I enjoy going with them! We went along the Corniche and saw the beautiful Ramadhan decor, lit ship restaurants, the Emirates Palace lit up and the ferries wheel also lit up and going round. After, that little drive we headed home for prayers. My Niece... My niece who is a police lady abroad and into law has also been contacting me as she wants to get closer and asks me many things etc.. and for advice. So, we have had some nice chats and sent each other pics! Just now one of my DIL as me for mijlis key as they will have visitors over tomorrow.. not sure if that is a good thing and may have to 'diasspear' somewhere as usually end up sorting out and clearing up after then hmmmm... That has been my busy two days ladies during this Ramadhan. Note: just 7 days left to go for a Eid but I am not rushing and the last days of Ramadhan are truly special days. Bye for now ladies.... really tired here! Even sleepy to be honest!!
  15. 20th Ramadhan, 2017

    The Suhoor: It took longer for everyone to wake up today, no surprise, as they were all tired after a busy day and then evening with guests. So, it took me several knocks to wake everyone up not to mention, I was myself half asleep trying to do that!! Lol They eventually gathered around, and they were sleepy as they were either gazing at the Suhoor or just walking around the table ( hubby and one of sons) deciding what to eat or take to put on a plate. I myself kept nodding off while eating lol and I am usually alert! Hubby was walking around waiting for the boiler ( we make tea from boiler). We had the usual cereals of cornflakes or Rice Krispies, warm milk for those who wanted it and white rice with soup or yogurt. Hubby grabbed some variety of cheese and veggies sambosas then still walked around lol with them in his hand, so I gave him a plate-this is when you know they are still tired!! Well, I was just as bad as I actually gave him a cereal dish for the them since I thought if I gave him a flat plate, they would just slide off. They others finished and went to their rooms. Usually sometimes, later in morning hubby would have gone to the farm, but today he couldn't go as he was invited to a relative's house here in Abu Dhabi. The Fatoor: Today, I made less for fatoor, and made some mini meatball sandwiches with cheese in a sauce. I made some for our Neighbour and some for us all for snacks. Really tasty and inviting when they are small sandwiches! Hubby saw me preparing them and wanted to have fatoor at home today and plus, he was still tired from day before. Our Neighbour sent us some of the famous Moroccan harira shurba Which is made of tomato, meat, lentils and chickpeas, and broken pieces of vermicelli, sometimes it has celery etc. . It is very rich, and tasty and texture is somewhat like country vegetable soup but with lamb or chicken pieces. The other day they sent us their traditional thick, Morrocan bread, which is another of their popular dishes. It was a change to see something different and try something new. Hubby and son went to invitation and the rest ate here. The past few days it has been very hot in our living room as the air con conked out, so today hoping to get it fix!! Also, need lights replaced looks like! Note: we are in the last ten days of Ramadhan-mashallah, I wonder where the time went!!, The last ten days have a special significance and there soon will begin the late night prayers in the mosques. During the day time people will start buying new clothes and shoes for Eid time which starts immediately after the last day of Ramadhan. Well, ladies that is all from me for now.....Take care!
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  17. 5th Day of Ramadhan 2017

    The Suhoor: Waking hubby and calling family to gather around for Suhoor was not so bad today, when everyone greeted each other and while each was putting what they wanted for Suhoor, there was some teasing going on between the males, especially when each come out in their PGs or Gelarbias . One son was wearing Pgs his wife bought him, but his elder brother teased him on the colour which were fine to be honest mashallah red and brown checkered and their father said his PGS were the best- he mismatched the top and bottoms lol only because he couldn't be bothered to look for for the other matching top! Well, I suppose all is ok when at home lol. So, they were joking around like this while eating. When the boys were almost done hubby was still making his tea then went towards the Rice Krispies. I thought he was going to pour some into one of the clean cereal bowls but saw him heading -for what must be the only bowl I could think he would likely use -was one , one of the boys just used -but I was wondering why would he do that since he had a pile in front of him. Of course, I stopped eating to watch now lol and he did something I totally didn't expect ( but really should have lol as this is not strange for him to come up with stuff like that) he poured it into his cup of tea!! I was like " you have just ruin the taste of your tea!' ( mine really, as I imagined the taste!) he just giggled and went off to eat/ or drink it! When I was drinking my tea all I could see in my mind were Rice Krispies popping lol. That was so funny anyway! I just realized I should have took a pic of that lol. He will probably give his granddaughter ideas now but this Suhoor she was staying at her aunt's place. She would have had a good laugh! After Fajr prayers, we went back to bed. I had an appointment at SEHA for a routine Bone Density X-ray which doctors remind you about, so I went for that. Then straight back home. I noticed how the date palms are now showing partly ripen or unripen ( still green) dates. It may takes a few weeks for them to be fully ready, maybe inshallah before Ramadhan finishes. You will notice many covered in light green nets, this is to hold them together and protect them from pecking birds making them fall. In the afternoon I made ' is'h wa lamb' a traditional local dish, this is covered in a chick pea topping mixture. Sometimes, I like to add grilled tomatoes or potatoes scalopes as a side dish. It takes a while to make it but is worth it. I am happy to say we can still hear the canon going off at maghrib, After, All the prayers of the day are done, we sit and relax a little. We were discussing all the new Ramadhan shows and competitions on tv. I like to listen to the questions on the competition shows where they ask viewers local heritage questions, I just try answering to see and I could have won some prizes by now lol. I haven't had much time for tv though to be honest but I do like to watch one specific funny comedy that Sama Dubai put on and that's it but like I said only when I can. well ladies have to go, that was Day 5 for you : ) bye for now*
  18. Okay ladies, just to remind you all the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition will open on 26th April, 2017 until 2/4th may, 2017. It is a great event to go to, lots of great books in almost all languages-each country having their own sections. The event is televise too. There will be famous authors from around the world, regional and local as well. There will be Book signing by famous authors even famous chefs who will also be probably demonstrating some of their cooking skills. Story telling for both kids and adults and other activities. I know if I go I will end up buying books lol still have a few to read from last years event!! Newcomers will love this - try it anyway! Have fun!!
  19. Okay, the weather is getting really hot again (although April is full of surprises weather-wise), everyone needs to take great care, so here are some reminders in light that I am hearing people complaining about restaurant quality these days. 1. If eating out or buying take away food, make sure the food you are given is okay and if not sure, completely avoid buying food and make fresh at home. 2. When shopping make sure any meats or dairy products you buy are taken home quickly and refrigerated. 3. When drinking water either from water bottle or water bottle container, do not leave it in car while you shop or run any other errand, carry it with you as the heat of car will build up bacteria around the bottle neck. Take small 300ml bottles when going out, that way you won't waste any water and it is easy to carry on you. Throw out any unused water, don't use for next day, or pour on plants. 4. Always carry a packet of Dettol tissues with you and use these to wipe down handles of shopping carts and always make it a habit to wash your hands once home, after having gone out. 5. When on trips anywhere, rinse out a facial towel and keep in a ziplock bag, both adults and kids can do this-when it gets really hot then you have this on hand to cool your face. 6. Do NOT leave a child in a car without Air conditioning , it is absolutely suffocating weather and the car will become too hot. 7. Carry all necessary emergency numbers or stick them in your car, either for AAA or any other service. 8. In this hot weather, always check car tires, oil etc are all okay -you really don't want to be stuck in the middle of the road in this heat. You should also always have some emergency supplies just in case. 9. On your mobile write ' ICE' next to the contact you need to be contacted in the event/case of an emergency . 10. New comers have your child wear an ID tag in crowded areas-most event venues will hand out free ones. Feel free ladies to add extra tips!
  20. The UAE is my home but I can relate to how many expats or newcomers feel when first coming out to live and settle in a new country that will be home for a certain time. It takes a lot of adjustment and a building block of new trust and security has to be rebuilt. When my hubby studied abroad in our earlier years, it took us a while to settle for our 1-2 year stay. Plus, you always keep at the back of your mind that you will be going back home and rather than enjoying and making the most of the great opportunity given to you in life -to experience something new, you tend to tick off the days on the calender waiting for the time it is to return home-this very point is what is preventing you from settling and as a new expat you really need to look ahead, learn everything about your new area, make new friends and get especially organized ahead of time to make settling into a new home environment much easier. In fact, the UAE is the best of places to easily fit in once here. The sooner you settle the sooner everyone will be happy. Stressing out will only spread in family so sorting all settling areas is the key. First when arriving: 1. Try to come early and have at least a couple of weeks free to settle as a family at home before work starts. This is needed. It is difficult for a woman to get things done around house for installation of washing machines etc and the like when in the industrial world, it is dominated male services-this should all be done before works starts so family can start settling quicker without these worries. At all times, You need to be cautious when having people in to service things around the home and always have eyes on the kids. Make sure you have secured a house before uprooting. The house should be cleaned out and maintenance done before moving in, if you do move in and find anything, make notes for your hubby to give to house owner . Clean house to suit you once here and have bathrooms, bedrooms done first so kids can get busy with sorting out their stuff or younger ones have a place cleaned and ready to play. Next step, should be kitchen then in due time work towards all other rooms and house areas. Get the tv up and running as the sound of an open tv makes the house feel homely. Points for new home: install filters ( candle stick ones like Doultons) for filtering tap water for tea and cooking. You can also find washing machine ones if you wish , the washing machines etc are usually installed by the store from which you buy. Always ask for service number and keep on wall for anytime you need it. If you already have these in an apartment then you need not worry. I have moved house several times in the past so have the experience behind me now. Consider putting up basket ball nets for the boys or even getting a new pet to keep kids occupied and not feeling depressed, animals are great at comforting kids. I am going into a bit of detail here so bare with me on this....this will help a lot. Your locality: Every area almost have a long block of shops- find your nearest one and make notes of what is a available. You should find a 'bagala' grocery shop (means it is recognized for it quality by the government), a pharmacy, a stationary for school and work stuff with printing, copying and scanning services, a laundry which usually does hand washing & ironing of clothes , bed sheets, some do carpets etc. they have dry cleaning services, steaming services and pick up and delivery services . Even shops will do this in the event you need anything and don't want to go out. I give small tips. Also, usually there is a industrial shop which usually means a hardware shop- here you may find electricity services , plumbers ( known as pipe fitters here) and several other services. Many know English or broken Arabic. Once you have these noted , you will be equipped at least with a consumer, friendly locality service. Now, you can look for a larger friendly consumer shopping store, pick a couple of favorites you would like to go to every week such as Carrefour or Lulu. Schools: In the first weeks before work starts, kids should be registered in schools or earlier even at appropriate times. This would probably be your first social gathering place for both kids and parents- meet other parents and kids will start to build up new friendships here and their new neighborhood if other kids around. Introduce yourself to other parents , take the first step even and ask questions, soon you will build new friendships too. Go to Parents/teachers events and school bazaars etc. and join in the fun. Medical Clinics and hospitals: Find the nearest SEHA health clinic near you and take note, this is the place you go to to have family treated for minor ailments or childhood vaccinations. There are private hospitals you can go too as well such as Al Noor Hospital on Airport Road near Carrefour Hypermarket. All your Ids , visas, health cards should be done with by time you start your job. Always have a file for each family members-everywhere you go, keep in the car for unexpected requests. You need passport copies, passport photos, birth certificate copes, and the like. This will save time having to go home again! Never give originals and leave them, SHOW original but take it back and leave copy only. Events in the UAE: There are a load of fabulous family events in the UAE, UAE festivals, fair grounds within these festivals, food truck events at the Corniche, international books fairs-one coming up in Abu Dhabi very soon, marathons , Spartan races, fun activities for everyone! You won't regret going to these. There are many gathering groups on ABW too such as coffee mornings- there are a real great bunch of ladies on here truly!! You don't have to make a step even-- just tap on the keyboard and you are on your way! The Gardens & Parks: Families gather every Friday at gardens and parks , adults picnic while kids play. There is the Airport Road park area which as a KFC, or you could barbecue! I have seen many things over the years in gardens even a wedding celebration! There is Mushrif park, the al Bateen Family Park and Beach which has tea and food trucks around. I see lots of action there! There are many gardens, check out the nearest one to you. the Corniche: The focal point for boat races, Red Bull flying shows, dhow races, fun activities on the beach, and food trucks here and there. You can also rent a bicycle or tricycle there , great for the kids and adults alike. Kids: Like everywhere else in the world, eyes on kids always. Don't allow them to go to public toilets alone unless with adult. Nor, let them wonder off alone . Whenever anyone comes to do odd jobs around the house, better for both parents to be around or a friend, don't be alone. Bills: Water & electricity bills even post paid phone bills can be paid online or ATM machines these days, you can almost follow anything up even car fines online. Your kids schools will also have online websites etc for schedules of events, holidays etc. Familiarize yourself with UAE laws: This will help you understand more about the place within which you live, making you feel confident and equipped to deal with anything. UAE Culture : Learn which dress is the national dress of the UAE so you can distinguish them from amongst the many other regional Arab countries, Asian and far Asian people in the multi-cultural environment of the UAE. Learn a little local Arabic so you can get to know the locals. ( give you some key words in another post) Learn some of the dos and don't regarding dress code etc. , not a lot to worry about though! People are so friendly. When you are researching the area of your locality, make it a fun event for the kids- let them know you are going around the block to discover what stores etc they have. Try out some of the foods etc such as pastries to make it even more fun. When we kept moving house, we would go around the neighborhood a couple of times. And on following times hubby would pretend to be lost and this would have the kids jump into action giving directions! Helps them to become orientated to the environment and thus a sense of belonging to new area. Well that's all I can type for now ladies lol , tired I hope this will be of help to some new family out there anyway. Will post more tips! Enjoy your time in the UAE, make the most of it : ) best wishes DD
  21. The Mother of the Nation Festival

    The Mother of the Nation Festival is on at the corniche and started yesterday if I am right. The festival is to celebrate the vision and work of H. H. Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak. Lots of activities going on during this 10 day festival. My son and family went today and kids are given wristlets IDs just in case they get lost Lots to see and do there , and a variety of international food option at the food zone including lots of food trucks. Enjoy! Lots of other events too soon!
  22. IDEX-exhibition opens today

    Just to let everyone know to take caution on the roads today! There may well be traffic jams on Airport Road today and else where considering this is a major event. I even had an appointment today but postpone it as I don't want to get stuck in traffic on an already busy road in the mornings, plus I already have three other appointments- all after each other so really not up to going every day. Anyway. Everyone drive with care, buckle up and if you get angry, just sing the " I am pretty" Anger Management Song lol
  23. Khalifa City A new malls

    Hi ladies , big to you all, not been on as much as we have been having some connection issues so going through upgrades in the house , so for now using iPad but it is not easy as desk top. Anyway, remember our previous discussion on a new Mall in Khalifa City A? You may have been confused as me in that we were discussing A Mall but had we mentioned different locations and Mall names! Wellll, you will be happy to know that is because there are two malls not one. The one already open is know as Central Mall as far as I read and know but the bigger one will be Khalifa Mall which will open tomorrow as printed in newspaper. It would be nice to hear from those of you who manage to go, something about them and your experiences. As for me arm is healing as best as can be , still can not reach high but I appreciate that I don't have to wear a sling anymore and I can get back to doing some other things, the cooking has already started , in fact made fish stew for lunch today. Nice wet and rainly weather, pleasant weather -beats sandstorms anyways lol I hope no one had a lot of rainwater leaks in their homes . So far do good here but the newspaper delivery man throw our newspaper over the gate into the puddles-and it was raining so can't understand how he didn't see the rain well that's my blah blah for today ladies lol . Take good care!!
  24. *~UAE National Day~*

    just a quick everyone, as still having difficulty with my left hand and plus I can only pull in chair from right side so rather awkward lol. Pain is still ongoing but trying to forget it when I can but easily get tired from it. Saw my xray for the first time, the before and after- no wonder I feel pain but it takes times. Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a very happy UAE National Day.... we just put up the flag again for National Day, and yesterday we observed the Commemoration Day which is in its second year in the UAE. On this day we lower the flag at half mast, then raise it again after the minute of silence and prayer. Tomorrow is National Day, there will be many events throughout the UAE and especially so at the Corniche.. if you don't want to get caught in traffic jams then be aware. Also, there will be the National Day Parade at Yas Island. Ladies, lots and lots of events at the malls, local troupes performing and lots of sales going on there too. Then fireworks display at night from after 8pm onwards. That's is all I can type ladies, I keep typing and correcting lol... arm sore... take care and have fun!!!!
  25. New Stationary Shop in Maqta

    For those who live in between the two Bridges, there is a new stationary shop open in the area, near Hamdan Mosque, that makes two good ones in this area now for anyone interested. We are grateful for it anyway, especially with grandkids in schools etc.. and school requests for this and that, which is never ending. Love our area, nice and friendly, family atmosphere all around, laundries, shops, bakery restaurants etc. so Thank you God for that :) All we need is a butchers and fish mongers really in this area, in fact a small shopping center would make it perfect but we do have one near even if by car, so all is good and Thank God we have online shopping when needed. Times are changing!!