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Abu Dhabi Woman

Share Accommodation Wanted

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Hi there

I'm Lyndy and I've been in Abu Dhabi for two weeks and am looking for some share accommodation.

I work for an IT company here on Permanant assignment.

30 yrs, single.

Does anyone know of anyone who is either loookng for a flat and wants flatmates or has a flat and needs flatmates?

I would love it if so!

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Hi Lyndy,

I was talking with Fruitbat and she told me which company you are working for, my hubby was working for the same company. I know of 2 people that live in Khalidiya Village that you work with that may be interested in sharing. PM me and I will give you the details of the people to contact at work.

HummerGirl (aka Alicia)

PS: If you are in the AD Mall office, you may see me come in to collect my mail!

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