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Bus From Ibn Batutta Mall To Abu Dhabi?

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Is there any bus that goes from Ibn Batutta mall to Abu Dhabi

I keep hearing about it and on my way back do not want to pay an arm and a leg to go to al ghubaiba bus station to catch the bus

If anyone knows of it please let me know

Thank you

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Yes there is i always take it when am going to dubai. It goes like this:

If ur moving from here to dubai it's in the bus station main terminal the bus is labeled E1 (red and white bus) it's has many departure timings if am not mistaken 8, 9.30 & 11 AM there are some in late afternoon but never took. When u get inside the bus station there's a security just inform him that i want to go with the E1 bus that stops in ibn battouta and he'll tell u when it's there, be sure to double check with the driver that he stops in ibn battouta otherwise he'll keep driving somewhere near the airport road and he will not drop you any place before (it happened to me the first time i took the bus and ended up paying like a 100 dhs to go back to ibn battouta!). The fees are 15 DHs/person. It is very clean and secure at least it does not bypass the speed limit, it'll take you 1.45 hours to get to ibn battouta.

Once you're in ibn battouta he'll drop you just facing the main entrance of the metro, once you go down there's an office on ur left hand it's the supervisor office check with them what time is the E1 back to abu dhabi, i usually take the 4 PM one from dubai to abu dhabi.It departs from the same stop he dropped you off. The charge is 20 Dhs and he'll stop at carefour in sakr (old airport road/maqtaa bridge) and a few others stop and the final is abu dhabi bus stop, from there you can catch a cab to your destination.

I always take the bus to dubai, it's much safer than being alone with a taxi driver for 2 hours.


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