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Abu Dhabi Woman

A Rat In The House

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We got a sort of bar made out of very think and strong rubber to be sticked at the edge of door. It perfectly closes the little gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. Thank you again for your help DD.

I also serched a plug-in rodent reppellent, but could not find it.

llc_15, I just wonder if the traps are placed in or out of the house. I cannot imagine myself taking a trapped little creature to the bin :wacko:

I also heard some other large compounds in KCA and also flats on island have a same problem...

I have just found a device called 'Advanced Whole House Rat and Mouse Repeller' on Amazon.

I will buy it now!

My husband always does not appreciate my shopping on Amazon, but this is exceptional!

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or not very far to our downstairs Loos - or my nans outside loo!! Still keeping my lid shut, just in case, it will either not get out, or die of thirst

Actually I remember seeing this years ago on some BBC programme about them coming up the loo, I am not even going to think about it happening whilst I am actually on it............. :wacko:

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You're welcome Vivienne! Hope your house keeps rat free now, just be on alert when it get colder or starts to rain, that's when they seek indoors. Summer time they are quite happy outdoors!

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