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With the growth of ADW membership and with the new look & feel, we thought we'd pin the link to posting rules, that is always at the bottom of the website.

In particular, deleted posts for self promotion seems to be a touchy subject. We receive reports from members daily who complain about advertising within the posts themselves.

To be clear: Sponsors who donate funds to support the website are permitted to answer questions, etc in posts. To determine who a sponsor is, its quite simple. Instead of members under their name, you will see the word Sponsors. As well as members who can recommend or refer are able to and it's what this community is all about. What is not permitted is a non-sponsor to advertise out of respect to one who is.

We have opened a new section 'The Community Market ' on the board for folks who do want to post information on their products or services on a fee based listing. This helps in several ways. 1) Fairness to sponsors. 2) Helping forum members who don't want to be bombarded with commercials 3) A place for members to share their goods.

This not-for-profit website is moderated by gracious volunteers who give up time in there lives with their families in order to help people moving to and living in Abu Dhabi. They do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their face squashed in front of the computer screen, therefore some inappropriate things might be missed.

This website has been set up to use the "honor system", there are mechanisms in place to "Report a Post", this can by done by clicking on the box on each post, in which the volunteer team will be alerted to a potentially bad post. There is also a PM system that allows members to "send an instant message" via PM to a moderator about any concerns. Enjoy!

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