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Abu Dhabi Woman

Induction Vs Ceramic Vs Infrared Cooker/cooktops...any Advice Pls?

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Dear Ladies, we're planning to change our electric hot plate cooker to either "induction", "ceramic" or "infrared". Do you have any of these cooktops? What's your experience -- or better, can you recommend it? Pros and cons?


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I had one with a glass top in england-its wasn't induction don't exactly know what it was-and a can of beans fell out of the cupboard next to it and broke the glass! So be careful where you put things.

At work in England there were 5 flats (teenagers with physical disabilties lived in them) and they had induction hobs-as it was decided that it was safer as it reduced the risk of them burning themselves, the only down side is that the teenagers quite often burnt things in the pan or forgot it was on and ruined the pans (you need a special kind of pan for induction stoves) and it ended up being expensive. My mum loves her induction cooker.

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