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Abu Dhabi Woman

Where Can I Buy Arabic Halawa Wax?

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A good one is called Meem, comes in peachy / fleshy coloured packaging from Co-op and Car4. This brand has all the versions - the huge type of sticky sticky wax you can spread on with a stick and yank off with a cloth strip, also a roll on type of contraption that was a total fail in my case but my friend loves it!

I prefer the tiny packages (dhs 2.50 each i think) and you just knead it around, push it onto your skin and pull it off and repeat until your fuzz free - I guess this is also the Arab way of waxing too (noticed my relatives use this method)

You can also make some at home – sugar lemon water heated until thoroughly gooey

Salons might have some you could buy, or salon supply stores like the one in Hamid centre.

Excuse my rambling - good luck =D

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Can anyone give a bit of advise on how to apply, I have had my legs "sugared" in the past - I assume this is the same thing, a big ball of sticky stuff rolled on and off the legs like wax, but not using any strips, just using the sticky stuff itself.

Same principle? I'd prefer this as I didnt find it as painful and I think got better results.

Any advice appreciated

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