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PLEASE READ: Employing a Part-time Maid is Illegal

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Me too! Soooo if you ever need a cake or if a friend needs a cake....just let me know!!! LOL I do have lots and lots of pictures!!!

Maybe I will advertise on ADW again soon.....

Will do. My DH has a big birthday coming up this year so want to give him a special cake.

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Hi,I've just arrived in AD

and am looking for a full time nanny to sponsor

legally. I met a Sri Lankan nanny but she seems

To do a lot of babysitting and minds a child in the afternoons.

Her English is not great but I think that she

Was trying to tell me that her sponsor was gone back to the US

and that her (own ?) visa doesn't expire until December.

So am guessing that I would take over her sponsorship if I did employ her

But how much do I pay when it is renewed? Or do I just start a new sponsorship immediately?

Then how do I monitor her outside of her working hours with me?

How can I stop her from doing babysitting etc for other families?

Would appreciate any advice as times ticking away and am

Beginning to consider the crèche option altogether.


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Hi Mommaof2, I find her story very odd. Usually if a sponsor leaves the country, their visa along with all the visa's of their dependants are cancelled at the same time. If not, the previous sponsor can be fined up to 50,000 dirham for illegally sponsoring someone who is no longer working for them. Who is sponsoring her right now?

If you want to take over the sponsorship, all you have to do is make sure her previous sponsor has cancelled her visa, then you can proceed to become the official sponsor.

The only way to really keep tabs on your nanny/house maid is if she is a live in. Then there is no possibility for her to go and work illegally for someone else.

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Just came across this article from the National that seems to say that sometimes you can get a labor card for someone who is here on their husband's visa for a nanny or housemaid job.  If you could get a labor card, I don't see why it couldn't be a part time option, too (which is what *so* many people want).  We don't need anyone as we have a great full-time nanny that we sponsor but just wondering if anyone was able to successfully take this route?



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