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Ladies Swimming Pool - Nr Al Rahba

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I was driving on the Taweelah road not long ago and I noticed a sign at one of the roundabouts "Ladies swimming pool".

Has anyone been? Or is this a just an old sign? (It does not look old. It's one of those brown signs that indicates a place of interest).

I didn't have time to follow the sign but perhaps someone knows about this place.

On the same note, any of the new Saadiyat island beach hotels cater for women only (like womens day)? I read in the Time Out AD that the Monte Carlo beach club has a walled off area for women only but at 600 dhs for the day it's a bit steep.

There is also the Mafraq hotel that does Sundays-Mondays-Tuesdays.

If you know of any facilities do post them here!


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I accidentally drove past it one day when I was lost... it is a bit out of the way. That is, where you first see the signs, it's still a long distance to the actual pool. It's located at the water's edge and seems a bit old. It didn't inspire me to go home and get my swimmers :)

Having said that, I didn't stop and have a proper look. So my first impression could be wrong.

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hi, even many years after i answer for other people finding this topic and wanting to know,

there are 2 free swimming pool in shalila. The two of shalila are still open.if you go on you ll find it easily.

It opens from 1 pm to 17h30. It s clean.

its free, only for women, you have an access to the beach and swimming pool

staff there is good, theres someone who is watching for children,

swimming pool is not so big, water cold in winter, if you go the day they clean the swimming pool its ok, but if you go many day after the swimming pool is not clean,

no bleach or chimical in water, 

people are used to eat all over the swimming pool, thats the only negative point with cold water, and no games around the swimming pool.

i like to go there but not when there s too mych people.

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