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Abu Dhabi Woman

Security Clearance!

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Okay, so the waiting is over...they got back to me...they are going for the other candidate since my security clearance took that long (3 months to be exact) they need someone to start the work by august before school year knowing that the fall semester in the University will start in September...the whole process started in january...it just ended in late july ...no security clearance no stable job! for all others try to stay positive!

@snow: I have taken excessive training dring my masters for 'scientific communication' which means I am trained to explain science to others in a simple way...this was the interesting part for them! no problem for the autocorrect!

I see a dead end for me here in abu dhabi.....

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Well interview january 2012,start info to Data flow complete May, submitted by Dataflow to HAAD September, lisense approved January 2013, then march papers to Tawteen approved last week,it's a very long tedious process.

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