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Abu Dhabi Woman
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Meet Savvy Woman Ghada B. Khalifeh Eating Transformation and Wellness Coach

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I have lived in the UAE for seven years.  I still remember my first Abu Dhabi Art exhibition at the Emirates Palace and the richness of art and artists from all over the world, crazy Dune bashing, stargazing in the desert, my first Formula one race, and the music festivals and concerts (Paul McCartney and Rolling Stones were my favs). Also, I have to say that the American Community School has been a platform for my family to experience the diversity and richness of a multi-cultured environment. In essence, Abu Dhabi provides a fresh space for me to pause, slow down and savor the richness of the moment.

In the UAE, I honestly didn't face any hardship in establishing my business as a woman in the UAE. I would say if any challenges arise for other women, I would recommend to take this as an opportunity to shift from a victim mindset and demonstrate self-leadership; in other words, a ‘resistance training’ to build and re-invent themselves. (smile)

My big ‘why’ for helping women was born out of self-abandonment and giving my power away to the external environment.  As women, we’ve been taught to stay small, to put everyone else’s need above our own. We’ve been told that being needy or selfish is the worst thing you could ever do. So many women have been conditioned to believe they ‘are not enough’ to claim and own their space in the world. These challenges were my reality for years; I lived at a safe distance from my fullest most vibrant life and was consumed by everything outside of me.

Today, my challenges are transformed into a deeper meaning of connectedness and empathy. I want women to know that they are not broken, and there is nothing wrong with them. As a matter of fact, their challenge is of whether an eating struggle, weight issue, body image, relationships, etc. is disguised as a hidden gift. I am here to help them unveil this gift and open up to their inner world, their conversations with themselves, and claim their true deep hunger to obtain a meaningful life. As a huge advocate for women, I fiercely want to share my learnings, so they won’t abandon themselves and the bigger world waiting for them_ so that they can emerge as strong self-leaders.

Connecting with Abu Dhabi Woman, 2017 so far has been so rich with exhilarating and heartfelt experiences with other women through my holistic workshops and coaching work. It's so nourishing to connect with women on deep intimate levels; to hear women open up and dare to be human and courageous. It is humbling to create a space of ‘awake vulnerability' for women to be heard without judgment and to embrace their truth and reality. It is so moving to open doors for women not secretly to save, but to empower them to elevate up on the ladder of self-actualization and freedom.

It is very crucial to have a ‘vision’ that is aligned with your values, needs, and desires. Whatever you focus on will grow stronger in your life, so have a daily ritual and intention to connect with your vision, while ‘staying present and consistent’ in making small steps daily. Fall in love with the process and savor the steps, great things are always achieved by a series of small things brought together.  

Another thing that I’ve learned the hard way is to reach out to others, friends, mentors, coaches. It is always in the asking that you receive, so give people the opportunity to serve you and feel empowered.

I've learned many valuable pieces of advice. Cultivate your ‘own inner power’ i.e. practice self-care and kindness, focus on your strengths, act as you love yourself, surround yourself with like-minded people, starve your guilt feelings, honor and learn from the ‘No,'  turn criticism into feedback, and purge any source of negativity.

To find more out about Ghada check out her social media channels below:


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