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Today is the second day of Eid.

On the last night of  fast, the Eid announcement came pretty quickly.  We each inform the other that the morrow is  Eid so everyone informs everyone else who may be waiting to hear the news but haven't yet.  Everyone then starts preparing their clothes for the next day  and some go out to buy fresh, warm halwa, baklava a pastry filled with  crushed pistachios and covered in a sweet syrup and other similar delicacies to lay out on coffee table next morning.  

Dear eldest son mashallah called me as he was out and asked if I would be staying awake late, I said yes, as had things to finish before going to bed. Later, he entered my room with a huge box and said " this is for you, mom" and kiss me and I hugged him a warm hug , kissed him and said a huge thank you! Oh! You want to know what it is right?? Lol hmmmm.... guess.... guess.... a new all-in-one desktop computer!!!! Yayyy!  I knew he was going to buy me one but didn't expect it that moment! 

I later do medkhan- incense burner for the house and make a list of breakfast items for the morning such as balaliyet ( a rice vermicelli) dish which is served with an omelette on top but there are other ways of making it too, khameer bread ( a traditional pocket bread for breakfast) and Lubiya ( black eye peas) which is very popular also here.  Then cereal a must for anyone who needs it. 

The light foods we made for the last day of Ramadhan, were kept on the table and sometimes since there was no Suhoor, everyone would by  morning of Eid be feeling hungry. 

On First day of Eid, I wake up at 5 am-perhaps earlier to prepare everything, I usually make two medkhans one for  the house and one for the Eid clothes-each have different incenses to use. By this time it is time to wake everyone up to prepare for salat ul Eid.  

Now, while I am waiting for them I too wear my Eid clothes. Some women will go to the mosques for Eid prayers and take the medkhan with them to perfume the mosque too. TV is already on to see when Eid prayers start on TV.

Once they arrive, we greet each other for Eid with hugs and kisses and have tea, hubby will go straight back out to go for for Salam.  The breakfast is soon after, served with warm pots of milky tea and coffee (qahwa). 

One by one as other family members of the ladies wake  with their kids, they get ready. The kids will come up in their new clothes for Eid greetings and eidiya, we all each give them, the girls will carry a little bag and the boys put it in their pockets. Whatever money they get can go to their savings or just to buy a toy with a second day Eid trip to Toys R Us or wherever their parents plan to take them.

From now,  phones will start ringing off and on for everyone, either friends, family or relatives callings to greet a Eid and vice versa. 

It is important to call relatives first, and really an etiquette must if you know you might not see them especially during Eid. 

This can go on all day and even next during the Days of Eid. 

Later, when hubby arrived, we all  sat and had breakfast too. Then everyone gathered and kids came up to get their eidya from their grandfather. He loves to joke with them and trick them by using colours of currency, for example : " Do  you want the red one  or the blue note?   ( let's just say red Dh 100/ and blue 200)  ...or do you want one fifty or six 5s dh notes?"  And of course kids are attracted to the colour RED and QUANTITY, so thus, the youngest one ignores his fathers nudges and take the red lol but of course, hubby does it for a laugh only and gives him the more one ! 

Now... my granddaughter used to fall for the same trick, so shopper son took her aside one time and gave her a crash course in understanding which one is really more for real lol, now.....since that time she knows what to pick lol

Everything was going fine al hamdulilah until I started not feeling well , early afternoon, and having pain and feeling hot, so ended up going to emergency for treatment and now have an appointment for Wednesday to be checked by specialist. By dusk I started feeling hot ( not fever) like from inflammation kind so took a panadol which helped. And when I went to bed I slept as was very tired.  After taking medication from doctor I felt a little better. 

Two days earlier son wanted me to go to Sharjah to visit family there and also see daughter and grandkids before she travelled but it meant coming back same day--by morning ( today, second day of Eid)  and taking medicine I felt okay to go and so went. Al hamdulilah. We greeted everyone there and pick up sons wife and granddaughter to bring back here as she spent last days of Ramadhan at her parents house.

We all greeted each other and stayed a short time with them all and dear daughter and grand children. We distributed Eidiyas for everyone, and soon we left- as they were going out too and had plans for the day. Grandkids cried when I left so that was difficult but they were ok after I think. We had to go as we had the journey back. The journey is tiring and I was sleepy so when we did arrived home, no wonder I slept a little. 

In the afternoon had to do some cleaning and now just resting. So, that's it do far ladies :) :) have a wonderful holiday - time for prayer now!! Regards from me! 


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Sorry to hear you arent well. DD, hope the appointment sheds some light on whats wrong.

what a lovely gift from your son.


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@smiffy, thank you :) not sure what it is but will find out soon but perhaps could tell you face to face what it might be  but not something to write lol

Yes, it is a wonderful gift ! have yet to save stuff such as documents on old one before putting up new one. Might start tonight on that hopefully! 

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