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Abu Dhabi Woman
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Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

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Time for a little break.. another fun UAE quiz...let's test how much you know.. it is simple enough, if you want it easier/ more difficult  let me know so next time I will take it into consideration.

I could give options for answers but I won't as it will make it too easy. 

Write your answers   in 1.2.3.... (list) order and I will let you know answers at the end after a few days.

1,  Name the capital of the UAE.

2. When is UAE National  Day?

3. How many Eids are there in a year ? Name them.

4. The first Eid comes after............?,  and the second Eid comes after......? ( two answers)

5. How many  'states' make up the UAE and what  is the popular name for 'state' we use locally? ( two answers)

6.  What is the local currency?

7. Who is the President of the UAE?

8. What is the local name for 'school' ( and region in general)?

9. What do you call bread locally?

10. If you are going to the market.. you are going to the (.............).  <<<<[put in the missing local word for market here]



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Going to put up the answer but ( momof3 has them up ),  and big thank you to momof3 for sharing her answers- all her  answers are correct, the last  answer I was looking for was 'souq'  ( souq..market/shop..dakkan).. but very well done to you :) :)

If anyone would like any more quizzes just let me know, it may pertain to language or anything else. Thank you.

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Ohh I was looking for you, I was like now, where is Lammas, she will be do this lol! Glad you did :)  

Hoping the newbies are not shy about trying and sharing their answers, it all in good fun  really :)

Lammas, hope you and family had a nice Eid there. usually we get a great description from you about all the Eid activities on the Corniche so we are missing that!

I will try to put up more quizzes when I can. You take care and regards to the family :)

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