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When Shopping be aware of the following...:

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There are several things I have increasingly becoming annoying while shopping... and these are some:

1. Bar codes and price tags on shelves  are not for the  given products.. all in wrong places as if no one can be bothered to sort them out into the right places.

Always, check the last three numbers  of barcode on product  with the tag underneath when not sure, it is highly likely even  the product will not be  in its right place. Take that in mind when shopping.

2. No, prices listed. Some times, you can even find a price for the item or you end up at the counter realizing  there is no price tag on it( when the cashier asks you if you want it... noooo, of course I don't that's why it's in my trolley!!??) .

3. Quite a few products are open or cut. Such as sugar, foil, cling wraps  and even candy.

4. Escalators in supermarkets  are not functioning and are dangerously unsafe, the magnetic that keeps shopping carts  stuck,  are at times not working unknowingly to customers, and this causes carts to roll and tip over to the side, causing serious problems.  Mothers should be careful. The specific supermarket has had this issue repeatedly and seems not to be taking it seriously.

5. Some vegetables such as potatoes are green and well into sprouting. Seems stocks are keep long in store room and spoil before being put into baskets in the stores. These potatoes were just put there at the time.

6.The eggs  we are buying these days just don't seem right... when you beat then, they look curdled... weird! I wonder if anyone else has seen that?

7. Samoon bread from some shops, are very dry,  even though the date seems ok.

8. A specific water bottle brand, has some bottles that are not sealed within the box. I have observed this for 3-4 months now.


I could go on, but those have really bothered me... anyone else the same??




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Good info Desert Dream. The bar code thing happened to me just today! The green potatoes are on display in one specific shop since years. It is very unhealthy to eat the green parts of a potatoe. The chocalate I bought two weeks ago was grey from the outside, sure sign the cold chain failed....yes, I support that, be careful while shopping! 

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Things will only get worse when VAT comes in - someone in the supply chain is going to lose out, and I suspect it will be the customer!

Recently at a supermarket I was charged the incorrect price on an item that was advertised as being on a special. When I asked the cashier to check he said, "There's nothing I can do - you can leave the item behind, or pay this price." I said that was unreasonable, and asked to see a supervisor. He said that no supervisor was on duty (!) so I chose to leave the item behind, but then he made a mess of deducting it, so had to call a supervisor to finalise the receipt (funny how the supervisor was then magically available!) When the supervisor came I made a complaint, and then he tried to give the item to me for free. I said no - all I ever wanted was to pay the advertised price for the item - surely that's not too much to ask?! As well as a little bit of customer service, which seems sorely lacking in all companies these days.

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