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The Lourve Abu Dhabi

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Just before UAE National day, I went with son and his wife to visit the Lourve Museum. I thought i would never get to visit but fortunately, I did. Such a beautiful and stunning place, People were fascinated with the architectural design of it all in and out not just what was inside it.

On entrance, expect to get a check in airport -like screening, you walk through that doorway thingy and then you have your bags etc. screened. Lots of people had to hand over nail cutters, small scissors, etc. anything sharp.

You are not allowed to place your hand on any of the outer wall area of those items that are closed in glass, even if you just wanted to  get closer to read the fine print :cool:.  Mind  you i saw many placing their mobile phones on the ledges, leaning against it even and even some touching the mummies and not warned not to touch them .. hmmm..

Anyway, the visit was very nice  and we got to see some famous items and art work such as The Whistler's Mother, Napoleon,  statues of Roman figures, and Alexander the Great,  pottery, flints, coins., and much more. We spent a reasonable good amount of time considering we had  little grand-daughter with us,  you might find children especially toddlers will get bored so take that in mind. 

They have a store there where you can buy souvenirs such as  notebooks, key rings, magnetic badges ete. and books.  

They have a restaurant or cafeteria on exit of the Museum as you leave , but highly expensive, we bought juice for toddler-normal one you buy in bottles at store and it costs DH 25 !! so it was DH 50 for two, so be sure to take for baby if you need  for afterwards. That was a shock to be honest!


It is a trip I would happily want to go on again as it was all very interesting indeed.  Definitely worth a visit!! It is a great thing to have The Louvre  here in Abu Dhabi.

It is wheel chair accessible also for those who want to know. 

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Finally we made it to the Louvre. DD you were absolutely right, it is an amazing building and it will give so many artists inspiration with its light and architecture. Inside the building I find it very nice in regard to the light and air quality. This is important as one spends quite some time to see all the items in display. In Taipei, the Chinese Museum with all its treasures of the culture, I cannot stay longer than an hour because the light and air quality is bad, it makes me dizzy. That is not a problem in the Louvre, it is pleasant to stay in there.

Two things could help to even make it a better experience. The signs that explain about the paintings are placed on the floor, that makes one bend over and if it is crowded it is very difficult to read it properly. Also the writing itself is far too small for me (and I guess for some other guests as well). The second thing is that some info signs are just in a too dark environment and I cannot read it because of that. 

Other than that I will sure go again, it was a very pleasant experience. Well done Abu Dhabi!

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Glad you enjoyed your visit as much I we did, definitely right about the signs though, too small and too low and too far on a wall floating somewhere lol-floating in that I mean , you couldn't decide to which painting or art work it was referring. Still, a great place to have in the UAE for sure.

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