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Last two years of high school - would you move?

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Latest post on 2017/12/31 at 12:29:43
We are contemplating a move to the UAE. This would be our kids third expat posting, starting with the UAE many years ago when they were young and schooling seemed much simpler! 

We turned down an incredible promotion for DH and package in one of our favorite countries a year ago, choosing stability for our daghter's final few years of high school instead. However, due to changes with both our jobs at home, we find ourselves contemplating overseas again. 

Our only concern is DD's final years of high school ... Out of three international schools, one was great, one okay and another a disaster. So it makes us pragmatic. 

My questions are: 
Has anybody moved an Australian teen to IB for the final two years (she had been on Aussie curriculum at home for past two years, British before that). How different is it? Was it successful or something you regret?

Secondly, can anybody share opinions on schools there for an Australian about to go into year 11 here? I know either way - British or IB she most likely can't start till 2018/19 school year and that she effectively would do another six or seven months school. That is okay if we get the school right. Would al Kubairat be a good option (realise it is uk not IB)? What about cranleigh and repton? Or any others (so many new ones since we left). 

With only two years left of school the temptation is to stay put in oz but there has been regrets over saying no to the last expat opportunity. Every move had its nerves but worked out as such rich experiences - the only hesitation going again is her age and stage of schooling. However I've heard plenty of success stories with older kids over the years (and a few not so great). 

Would love thoughts from mums of older teens in Abu Dhabi  about lifestyle, schooling and opportunities for older kids too. I know it was fantastic for younger kids when we were there. 

Thank you in advance!

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Stay put!!! The last two years are very important and need to be stable for your child. I have a daughter in 10th grade now. We have been expats her entire life and moving every two years or so. The last move from Australia to Abu Dhabi was tough. Finishing 8th grade in Australia in December and coming half way through the school year, where she had to finish 8th grade again to keep in line with the schools here. A bit ridiculous. Anyway, over the past 2 years, I have always said we were to leave before she started her final two years as I don't want her finishing here. Our plan is to move out at the end of this school year and let her enjoy her last 2 years.


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