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Paris-Sorbonne University
23rd January 2018
with Emirates Foundation, Harvard Business Review and Sky News Arabia
Register for free: events@brandmoxie.com
The forum theme song performed by the celebrated singer, Zain Awad
+ AMP: An art exhibition celebrating Sheikh Zayed
and his message to the youth
+ Plenary Discussion with Maytha al Habsi, CEO of Emirates Foundation
Panel 1: Technology Panel
Moderator: Jared Grogan
Singularity Studies, Special Advisor: NYUAD
Expertise: AI, Augmentation, Advanced Robotics, Internet of Everything, 3D Printing, Synthetic Biology, Virtual Reality
Panel 2: Media Panel
Moderator: Chantal Saliba
News Anchor, Sky News
Expertise: Broadcast Journalism, Political Science, Economics.
Saint Joseph University of Beirut
Panel 3: Ethics Panel
Moderator: Dr. Franziska Apprich
Professor, Canadian University Dubai
Expertise: Media consultant, Journalist, Filmmaker,
Creative Director, Producer, Composer
Panel 4: Entrepreneurship Panel
Moderator: Lisa Philp
Senior Advisor, Foundation Center, USA
Expertise: Philanthropy, Professor, Communications Strategy and Implementation

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