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Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

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Just popped in to say Hello to everyone.! I haven't been on much  for several reasons, been so busy with so many things, family, cooking and major 'spring cleaning'  and especially with  hospital appts this  year, I have Thyroid surgery coming up * sigh* in few days, so everyones's prayers/duas please.

It has been on my mind for over a year while recovering from broken arm and all the physiotherapy stuff  and blah, blah. I have been dreading this  for a long time, as it is not exactly on an easy area, but alas, the time is close and it has to be done.

There have been a couple of delays owing to having colds and coughs which seems to have affected everyone this year. Coughing is not good for this surgery so its is difficult trying to keep clear of it at this time of the year.

Also, trying to avoid going out, which is difficult when you have to buy groceries. My car is down today too so that is a problem. Oh, well.

I have been spending the past few weeks doing major cleaning in the house which I normally do before Ramadhan but since I will have surgery and can't do heavy stuff afterwards, I changed the schedule round. Today, my outside kitchen was thoroughly cleaned, everything out out of drawers and cabinets and completed disinfected. Got rid of old stuff, made a list of new stuff required. Put new labels ( which I make on computer) ,  did all the spice containers and the like. Sooo, I can do happy dance that , that is all done- al Hamdulilah!  Still have lots to do but will see  how it goes.

That's my news ( well,  part of it to be honest). so pray everything is going okay for everyone out there too :) Take care and best wishes.





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Im here.... well in the UK here.
Ive been suffering from this awful virus going around, its taken 3 weeks to recover.
I managed to get almost all my family together for Xmas including my little grandson....so that was wonderful.
New Year both me and DH were too ill to stay awake til midnight, so the new year crept in without us......

The weather over here is cold grey and miserable. Its going to get colder in the next few days.

Im really looking forward to next weekend, when we are going with a couple of friends to stay in a castle for a few days. Yes a real castle...its perched above a beautiful beach and is one of my favourite places in the UK....Im SO excited.... I get to be a princess at last hahaha.

I wish you all the best for successful surgery and a speedy recovery DD

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Hello Ladies :) :) Nice to see you are still popping in ! Welcome Back!!

@Smiffy , the dreaded viruses have been getting to everyone around the world,,  Trying to keep it away with surgery coming up.

Thank you all for your best wishes :wub:

Funny, yesterday was watching Castle Hunters on TV- didn't watch it all but  it is about couples buying a castle as a home, and out of three they had to pick the best one they liked and according to their budget. That should be fun Smiffy :) Please take pics!!

This year, started to write a Journal Bulletin Diary, I like the idea of how people design and jot things down etc.. So, getting into that during my free time. I think it is good for when I get into detailed writing, this gives me a topics of events ( both personal and world-wise)  to remember and recall. My grand daughter too loves this. :) Something we share when she is not tired of writing for school.

Take care ladies and have a nice day :) :)




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