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Maid visa renewal and Deposit 2000

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I am about to renew our maid's visa very soon and seeking help for the below information,

1. Someone informed me that you cannot transfer the deposit of 2000 Dhs if you renew the visa after expiration date of the visa.

We have always renewed after the date but within the 30 days grace period and never had to pay another 2000 Dhs except 30 Dhs of service fee ... has this been a new rule that you would lose the deposit if you renew after the visa end date ?

2. Visa sponsorship fee remain the same ? (paid 5800 Dhs to Typing center : Feb 2017) or increased again this year?

Many thanks in advance.

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I have just renewed my maids visa.

1. Medical 350 AED 24 hour result from Capital Health.

2. Daman Health Insurance 800 AED - paid by red E  Dirham Card ( they do not accept cash anymore- can be purchased at Daman )

3. EID - renewed on line - 140 AED

4. Typing shop for contract etc.. 5368AED - wait for the SMS to say its ready ( 1 hour) Paid by red E Dirham card.

5. Immigration take number and pick up visa - they ask to see the SMS ready message.

Deposit was valid as I did the visa 2 weeks before expiry , however last year I had to pay again when I renewed late.


Hope that helps 

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