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Abu Dhabi Woman
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Irobot roomba?

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I have never even thought to try them,  I mean reliability of it would be on floor that is cleared of obstacles, might be okay on a kitchen floor  etc. but  still not convinced.  I like the idea of a cordless machine though.

I recently Bought one of those 'old fashion' ( not really in my opinion -rather handy!!)  Bissell Sweep Up Cordless machine. Common in UK but not seen them elsewhere and quite difficult to find in the UAE. No cords, no fuss, its okay for simple brush up jobs and keeping place tidy after  routine hovering is done. I found mine in ACE, and I knew exactly what I wanted when I went there so this sales guy was  insisting I buy a hoover instead, but I already have a hoover and know what i wanted and what for, so that was a bit annoying. Hoovers are heavy on my back too to keep using all the time.


Bissell Sweep Up.jpg

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