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9-11th Days Ramadhan. 2018

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The 9th Day, Ramadhan ,  daughter in law had visitors over , so her , her sisters spent time in the indoor kitchen preparing some dishes for their fatoor while I got on with the main dish and sides for rest of family members.

Everything seems to be going wrong that day, I made dough, and it was  ruined when someone had move the pan  next to a pot cooking and of course with it being too hot, it became liquidy, I manage to save it but still I was very disappointed as I always take care to ensure everything is ok. 

As the day move, the house became chaotic with mashallah with  visitors bringing their kids and not having a care in the world what they were up too from throwing stones, crashing into teak doors with cars and ruining the garden. I was very busy in kitchen  outside but could hear  the shouting and  racket going on. I just wanted to finish and go upstairs by that time. This continued on until  around 1 am  ( as I woke up to get a bottle of water from fridge-their little kids should have been in bed long ago) and me and hubby  go to bed even before that time (11pm) plus other members may go to bed   in order to wake up for suhoor  on time.. however the noise continued...kids screaming ( sure because they were tired by now). Mashallah, it was such a chaotic day to be honest.

The pasties I made that day turned out fine, thank God, and the main meal was chicken stew with a salad dish.

The 10th day, Ramadhan, In the morning, I could see the aftermath ( if I may call it- as that what it looked like) of the previous night, my other daughter in law had her  rug out anyway, and  they had clothes from drawers scattered everywhere etc... the kids had taken water bottles from the fridge upstairs , drank sips, discarded them and continued to open bottles without much of a word  from their mother and aunts! They took it upon themselves to do whatever they liked basically. And this also happened the day before..  too. My other daughter in law although with these ladies too , will not have much patience I know so sooner or later she will say something to them.

Hubby brought some veggies from the farm, so while cooking I was trying to get that all sorted out too. That was a long day of a lot of work to get done.

Our neighbor sent us a seafood soup, and my longtime friend sent me some Harees ( she sends me every year Mashallah) and I in return send her some lugaimat ( golden sweet fritters in date syrup) These I make every day-dough in the morning, and cooking them after finish main main etc.. in afternoon. 

I try to finish by 5-30 pm, then I go to clean up , back down by 6pm to prepare dishes to send out and prepare for everyone ( the light snacks etc and tamar, juice , qahwa.), then  prepare table also. 

Once we break the fast with dates and light soup ( yesterday was cream of mushroom soup),  men go off to pray and we pray, then straight back to kitchen to put main dish. It is really only after 10:30 pm I get to sit down a bit, after cleaning and Taraweeh prayers. 

No surprise if we fall asleep on chair by that time!

Hubby caught me nodding off in chair while waiting to drink my tea which was  still hot …. and he said he went to barbers and fell asleep in chair straight away lol.

The 11th Day. Ramadhan:

The good thing about weekends is you feel a little bit more relaxed.. I enjoy having family around me Alhamduliah ( Thank God), also ,  most of them are awake for suhoor, but my boys will take the opportunity to wake me ( even if before suhoor time) just for the fun of doing it...messing around. When hubby wakes up from deep sleeps, he will need to take a couple of walks around table to realize he is awake lol, then he will get on with making tea or whatever he wants for suhoor. My  little grand daughter only joins us for suhoor but this year there are more school days in Ramadhan, thus, they are asleep at this time. 

Mainly we had what was left from suhoor, and cereal, light and nice . 

I made a dish two dishes for fatoor, one  called  Mabhrouba ( which a couple of my sons really like), and I made White rice and a stew dish.

During Ramadhan, I try to get groceries in mid morning, as no way I can go in afternoon with cooking etc.. and when I have to go, it is all a mad rush!

The past two days, I have been thirsty and everyone else too as the weather has been rather dry  and hot, My daughter who is presently in the USA, says , Maghrib is after 8 pm, so that is certainly a long day too. 

Well ladies, have to go as have lots to do... hope you all have a nice and as always, Thanking God for the blessings of each day. 













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