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Today, 18th Ramadhan, 2018

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Mashallah, Ramadhan is passing by and it is already 18 th Ramadhan today, more than half way through. I haven't been able to get online with having an extra load of work to do this year, but when I can , I will be here tapping away.

I am still finding time even to get to the exhibition,,, wondering if anyone on here has manage to go yet? 

The past couple of days were busy especially with having appts , then running errands like laundry and shopping etc. then back home to prepare and cook.. it has been non stop.

Yesterday, I made Ish wa Lamb ( Rice and lamb) dish for everyone. One of my family's favourite. It takes a lot of work but it is worthwhile.

My neighbor made us some mini pizzas  and I made also a macaroni dish and Lugaimat to send.

Other different things I have made during the past few days have been mini meatball sandwiches, meat pasties, and cheese fatayers.

We were a bit late for suhoor  yesterday......not too late but late owing to changing gas cylinder grrr. Most importantly, I wasn't late for my medicines which I manage to take on time.

There is presently going around,   tonsillitis -normal thing to see when the weather starts becoming hot and indeed, in the last three days it has been really hot!! mashallah.

No surprise, as June and July especially are the most hottest months of the year.. in Ramadhan though , you feel some breeze off and on but I think soon as Ramadhan is over, the heat will be felt even more fiercely. Then everyone will run away for holidays abroad lol

That is also the time when the best summer sales are to be found throughout the UAE.. really very good sale prices too.

Today, I will be making  a chicken soup with white rice.. with Salad. Just a few sides not too much, enough for everyone and lugaimat with dibbs ( date syrups).

Grandson Mashallah, made an appearance for suhoor today and was laughing at me as he knew it was an unusual time for him to be awake.. he had slept in the afternoon longer than expected so not sure how he did for school today hmmm.. ( Oh, Want to use emoticon but if you use them, you can't post your entry.. discovered that when a error message kept coming up about some sign, so discovered it was the emoticons... ) I like the emoticons too.

Well, ladies, take good care, have  a call to make  now. 


On another note:

Not sure if anyone else has observed this but inside Abu Dhabi  or anywhere in the UAE for that matter you might get a good laugh at some shop names. I have now started a list just to see how many are amusing....the best I have seen .. well leave that one  right now lol lets say...…. but two other really interesting ones are for car renting... Ghost rent a car and Phantom Rent a Car which are next to each other... must be related hahahah! Suppose you can't forget those names right?



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