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Abu Dhabi Woman
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23rd Ramadhan, 2018

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Mashallah, this Ramadhan is going fast.. probably, because I am busy most of the day  preparing, running errands and cooking.

It has been a very busy time truly. I have made several dishes this week such as Mashsi ( stuffed veggies with rice), stews, briyanis, and today was Machbous lamb. A recipe where  lamb is cooked and then rice cooked in its broth. WE had this with a homemade tomato salsa.

Our neighbor sent us some Mint tea in a fancy teapot set.. that's a first but it was really nice to see that. They sent that along with some bread I haven't seen before either-obviously homemade.

Today they also sent  what look likes pancakes with honey but are not pancakes but one of their traditional dishes. I sent them some of our lamb and rice with potato scallops.

Yesterday, was  busy until late night, as we have two ac downs, so one  cleaned and fixed yesterday and the other I will leave until after Eid as quite frankly, I needed the rest and just wasn't up to waiting around and cleaning up after they had left. I have somewhat major work to get done after Eid-whenever , I find a good time.

The electricity went off yet again in outside Mijlis so no idea what is the problem there but obviously something they haven't yet discovered.

Hubby told me today, he has invited his friends over for next week, soooo.... looks like lots of work there too. Preparation of Mijlis, checking all the dining ware etc.. and of course the food preparation etc.. Hubby can be fussy to be honest...and I am thinking perhaps I should be thankful that the electricity in Mijlis isn't working right now... lol . Well, hubby likes to have break of iftar in one room, then main meal in dining room, then tea and fruit in the other Mijlis.. see what I mean hehe*  He usually gets what he wants- but the running around with trays and clearing up later is tremendous as three rooms to clear and clean... now you can understand why I said, maybe its good the other mijlis lights are out lool. Maybe, I should take the light bulbs out of other mijlis looool!

I like to be very organized but what I really dislike is when those trying to help me, scatter plates etc.. all over the kitchen in random places both inside and outside. Even worst is not emptying the small bits of residue food from plates before chucking into sink. That I really dislike. It adds so much work for me to sort out. You have the idea! 

My routine is to place several large bowls on the counter, and  in one would go the utensils, in another the glasses and teacups etc, and in another plates and so forth. That way nothing is broken , no utensils or fine dining cutlery is lost in carelessness.  I end up each time doing double work, organizing it into that way in order to be washed easily and not everything a pile  in the sink all mixed up.

All larger trays and pans go to the outside sink -well, suppose to, ( we have a large  lower sink and higher sink outside for those large pans etc.. The sinks are perfect too for washing small rugs and the like.

I think I have to come up with a strategy to make sure everyone do it properly. I have an idea . lets see how it goes... if it goes ..hmmm

Since it is weekend, everyone might still be awake.. that is what I like when weekends come, it easier to 'wake' them lol. 

There is 6-7 days left only.. and the time is flying by to be honest. These nights are the most important of Ramadhan as it enters the last ten days.  Night prayers will start with prayers until before early morning. A very highly devotional time for Muslims in Ramadhan. You may hear the night prayers being performed at night. These are not the Taraweeh prayers, these are extra prayers  after midnight.

Everyone will be shopping too for Eid, taking their kids and buying new clothes etc.. ready for Eid and even planning Eid events etcs.  I haven't planned anything to be honest yet … just no time really.

Well everyone, have a great evening and take care!! That is it from me for today!





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