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25th Ramadhan, 2018

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Just taking  a few minutes typing this while I am waiting for a call from a friend...otherwise,  I will be way too busy after... right now just finishing normal house routine of cleaning etc.. bedrooms and house in general.

Since hubby has a lot of people coming tomorrow for fatoor, preparation does take a while. First of all, hubby bought a new rug for outside mijlis, so yesterday evening and this morning was spent putting that inside and rearranging this morning it  all this morning.  I  always double check everything is clean and  everything is ready but I will do this one final time tomorrow morning when I place all the dining ware inside.

Before saying more about that though... for Fatoor yesterday we had fresh lamb which hubby brought with him, so I made a Bedouin type soup.. it took a while to prepare had I had to chop it also. I took n hour longer than morning to finish cooking yesterday anyway. It was indeed, a tiring day...but everyone enjoyed it , thank God, so that was the main thing......then later we did the carpet after Taraweeh prayers-usually the  time I try to relax but it wasn't to be for yet a little more  time. 

Oh, the night before I promise to teach my grandkids a new game after Taraweeh, they liked it so much they followed me  to play with them again yesterday while I was rushing around in a mad rush lol, so I said I would ( always taking a few minutes  can be done for kids when they want), however, yesterday, their parents took them out so they didn't get to play it yesterday... I have this feeling though, they will be after me today lol. Kids mashallah, don't forget when you tell them something hehe* They did however,   turn my two work space areas in my room into two offices for themselves and each ordering the other to do some paper work..It kept them happy for a while, then I had to tidy it all up afterwards. It was funny listening to them talk to each other ( one used a cassette for a phone, the other use a long slim container..) Then writing down notes  for each other. Before I kept looking for my pens as they always went missing, now, I bought a couple of those that stick to the desk with a wire attachments... so I can always find them now lol.

This Morning, I made a list of things I have to buy ( tomorrow morning since I have my appt. then),  a list of things to do, always, always have a diary with tick off boxes of what  I have to buy, do, and have done ! It keeps me organized . today, I normally ( day before visitors come) take out all the best China and cutlery etc.. wash and prepare them, etc. and trays, teapots, glass ware, and the like.

That way , if anything needs buying, I know a day before at least.

Tomorrow Morning Inshallah, I will  prepare the layouts for dining ware in both Mijlis-one will have the tea and desserts, that way we can clean the other meanwhile where main meal was served. Morning also means preparing all the  desserts, dough for lugaimat ( probably take a couple of hours cooking them). I will also make the shourba and tamar ( tamar paste)  delicacies and sambosas… hubby said his guests liked the fruit basket I made last time, so wondering if that is an indication of him wanting me to make it again..hmmm..

As soon  as I am off here, I will finish some work,   I have to make toothpicks flags for the sambosas so guests will know what's what at least.

Still dreading the clearing up though afterwards sigh* ….

So, that is what is happening so far ladies..... will let you know how the rest goes, as I go along !





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