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Abu Dhabi Woman
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Just to let you know...

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Lots of sales going on today and probably throughout summer - time is to buy now. Also, fireworks display throughout all uae cities and usually around 8-9 pm daily throughout Eid,  usually main landmark areas in each city.  Lots of events and activities too, check out the malls and also watch the local dances within the malls. Have fun, and enjoy!

Might go shopping myself today--maybe.  We did out usual greetings  and family gathering this morning. Some went out, some dare not venture out as usually busy during Eid, and I changed back to regular clothes so I could cook lunch.  I made a  machbous lamb, with daqous and battered cauliflower. Better than outside food anyway for my family.

That's my news so far.. have a nice day all and take care !

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