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Have some more New Tips for Everyone

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These are my own tried and tested tips:

1. After bringing  cleaned carpet from laundry , to get rid of that laundry smell- sprinkle cologne on the carpet- works wonders also  great for getting rid of  insects.  They hate  the smell as it is strong.. but really makes whole room smell nice too.

2.     Ever get tired at times of searching for your shopping cards,  mine are organized but sometimes, when you use a larger wallet, you really don't want to carry another smaller one with shopper cards.  I have a small shopper card wallets ( accordion style) where I store them all) I also have separate ones for my medical id etc. ( important ones) Small enough for tote size bags etc.     Now, I have come up with another idea and you can actually just put them in the bag as it is,  hang them on outside of  bag or even wallet- or insert them in  your bigger wallet.  

Take  the cards you most likely frequently use , Like Ikea Family Card or Carrefour or Coop card and the like...  Put punch holes in the corners ( not near bar code), add on to  one of those simple key ring you find at any stationary store, write 'shopper cards' and   you have them all on one key ring.  I find this is easier..

3. I did this for Ramadhan-> Gather a group of drawings from your kids ( or grand kids) make sure their name is on  each with age , and date..  assign all to an area on the wall  and make a family Pic Gallery. Great homely decor!

4.  If you notice when you buy handbags- storing them within  wardrobes will cause the \skin' of bags to peel off as just too hot.... keep them in the open where it is cool, hang behind door or on wardrobe  door  ( using  over the door organizers-bought on Souq.com or if you are lucky- find good quality bag holders at home center, Ikea also have some) . I also bought a clothes tree with very long stick out rods..works wonders to hang bags. Great find!    Also, use your dust bags!         

5.  I have done this for many years and  to this day find it very useful.... invest in a good business card box holder ( the one with alphabetical order accordion file within)   any random cards for stores, maintenance, tailors, plumbers, whatever... just add to the box for  anytime you need some info, it is really handy being all in one place.

6. Sometime with our medical ids, we get doctors business card info,  and even at times some ID cards ( like dentist appointment cards for example) are too large for the average id wallet. The business cards can be stored in a separate accordion ID wallet  ( they are card size exactly), important numbers can be inserted in separate pocket of main  medical ID wallet ( misc just store in the separate wallet, taking them when needed) . The bigger appointment cards can be stores in a small zip lock type file found at Daiso. 

7. Keep a nice decorative box in your room, in that keep all the non essential or non needed things for that day in the box, so when ever you do your bag for next morning, take what you need and store what you don't in the  box.  It is quick to access.I use a decorative gift box my son gave me, but  a  decorative nice shoe box works fine  for the same purpose.

8.When electricity goes out ( for whatever reason) use battery operated candles) rather than real ones- much safer especially at night than the real ones. They also look very nice too!

9. If you buy stock of chips ( crisps) etc for kids school, using a laundry basket or even a hamper on wheels  makes a good  vertical storage space.

10. To make water proof packaging for your laundry soap powder box,  use emptied, washed and dried Persil liquid soap bottles [any bottle with a wide neck works] and transfer to these, you can print out a fancy label. Even comfort bottles would work too.

11. If you have a small two range counter top oven.... use a  ceramic type chopping board as a protective back splash, if you like you can even use decorative Place mats  too,!

There are lots more....... next time if you  all like these! Bye for now!



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