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Well ladies, Ramadhan is almost at our doors and as always we welcome this  very significant time  with God's Great Grace,  Inshallah, with open arms and a open heart.

I have been preparing for a few weeks now, as I make my own sambosas and freeze them every year, they are all done.. been adding  new soft furnishings like table clothes etc,  simple lanterns and  crescent lamps, and the like.. this make the kids  and family look forward to the event  with a warm heart.

I always buy my stock a little before time and some  like these days as the Ramadhan stock of foods come out in the stores.. but by this time decor and  non food items become expensive.  But food is pretty much friendly priced indeed thanks to all involved in making sure this happens.

I have cleaned all my carpets, did lot of 'spring cleaning' trimmed all the plants etc. adding new stuff here and there, today just finished cleaning and rearranging freezers. So I can see where everything is to grab and start cooking. In between all that helping out with babies when I can, made a doll house out of bug box for granddaughter... lol she dragged it off to her room! Amazing what a simple box can do compare to buying the expensive stuff  which gets left! I have a project corner in my room ( really needs a small office) , and all my grandkids will come here straight away to find stuff - they will say to their parents " Ummi has everything in her room-' it is great for their parents as they don't fancy going out at 11 pm  at night when their kid suddenly wakes up and remembers they need such and such for a project next day--when will the younger parents understand that the older ones have been there before lol

Hubby will be sending stuff from the farm later so lots of work  of distributing  and putting into fridge etc. later ( weekly thing). I have the mijlises to do now, last on the list and then maybe done   * i think *

Well, ladies, will let you know when ramadhan starts, also will  add my Journals in the  Ramadhan Chronicles .

Newcomers: Watch the Ramadhan Shopping going on, its a festival in itself.. all over the UAE you will see people rushing and buying for Ramadhan...it is all part of a wonderful experience.

Please Share your experiences with us , your observations, etc. about the shopping atmosphere these days.. I am sure we would all love to hear your stories too.



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