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Ramadhan expected Tomorrow

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Well yesterday Saudi Arabia declared Monday is expected to be first day of  Ramadhan ( wanted to post this last night but couldn't  as was too busy). First day of  Taraweeh prayers start today though.

So, Ramadhan Kareem to everyone! Inshallah it will be a blessed month  for everyone.

I have been  fiddling with making a new schedule for my meds... thyroid tabs , calcium and iron tab.. confusing as you have to take thyroid meds  a given time before taking calcium tabs ( as the calcium  tabs. can affect  it effectiveness)  and I have to leave a 3 hrs gap ( at least ) between each-- not giving me much time but let see how it goes. I had the same issue last year and my calcium level went low so best to just keep an eye on it.

Spent all morning at an hospital appointment, seeing the doctor no prob, doing tests and even taking xray.... no probs.... comes pharmacy and mashallah it was packed...waited one hour and 15 mins for my meds. 

Arrived home hungry and thirsty but  since it is lunch time, might as well wait. Just drinking a tiny cup of coffee to get me to lunch . Didnt have my tabs ( suppose to be after breakfast but  went before the time I could eat - the time has just flew by!

Received  an advert type  message from a  beauty whatever on my mobile-- 'Ramadhan Mubarak! Special offer on face whatever, botox and the like... hmm..

I am just thankful ( sooooo thankful) to be home  and to be able to rest a little... outside these days mashallah is very hectic... and roads are scary--- to many drivers overtaking in a rash manner-and  even more thankful I did my Ramadhan shopping early--see the queues?  ok, thats all from me,,, if anyone wants to hear about my Ramadhan family  experiences, check out the Ramadhan Chronicles.

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