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Abu Dhabi Woman
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Ramadhan 2019 has Begun..

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Hello everyone,

1st & 2nd Days of Ramadhan…

Well, we are on our third day of fast already..so time  seems to be flying as usual...before I go on about our fast etc..and while on the subject of time - I just was into this reading of a fascination article somewhere on the web .. I remember reading about  same subject some years ago and just happen to come across  the same subject again ( you know when you are searching for one thing on the web and you just get diverted by the many other interesting stuff you come across... well , that how I came across this article again [completely forgetting what I was looking for] and read and read and read...  Our life time is so short compare to ancient days gone by people use to live for hundreds of years and were far, far taller, way far intelligent,  and stronger than any human today... really something for thought.. The expected life span is far much shorter today, thus  the saying 'life is short' is very true indeed.  So 'so make the best of time before time takes you'  is another thought  of which to heed. 

Back to Ramadhan....

The first suhoor  alhamdulilah ,  I managed to wake everyone - the rest with babies had to depend on themselves to wake and come for suhoor.. I just texted them as I didn't want to wake up the babies.

Very light suhoor of cereal, and rice with yogurt for those who wanted or just toast.. which is enough for me. I managed to somewhat sort out a medicine schedule.. have to see how it goes, but half way through I make get my calcium checked just to be on the safe side.

For the 1st  of Ramadhan suhoor , a variety of sambosas from batches I had made and frozen, and vegetable drinking soup... main was lamb stew and salad. I also made the traditional local lugaimat- we have this everyday. I make the ajeen in the morning and in late afternoon I cook them.  My daughter in laws were making something  to send out to friends...I stayed in outside kitchen to finish main cooking etc..

My young  granddaughter later came upstairs and said she wanted to get up for suhoor but her parents didn't wake up..  she comes upstairs to get advise and ..even tells me to scold her parents sometimes hehe) which I do just for the fun of it! It gives the kids a laugh seeing parents can get told off too still lol. So, I told her to sleep alittle in the afternoon  or say inshallah, so she will  be awake for suhoor.

The 2nd Day: I did my usual going around to wake everyone up for suhoor, it takes mashallah a couple of times to get hubby out of bed... as either he will go back to sleep or stare at the ceiling  until ..he goes back to sleep lol. Make me go in and out like a yoyo.

Everyone starts to gather and  I ask my son about my granddaughter if she managed to keep awake as I didn't see her coming with him... he said ' Yes, she's coming' and I could see  she was dragging herself up the stairs slowly lol... she said she kept awake as  she knew she might miss the suhoor.. poor girl.. but she was happy, so she had a nice suhoor with us and tried to fast a few hours a day practice, she always sits next to me if the seat is empty.

We had Chicken biriyani for our main,  with a yogurt salad and arugula salad leaf dish. Plus this carousal (large dish with different bowls that turns) of sambosas and sausage rolls.

First day, I was thirsty by afternoon as most of family were, yesterday was ok as time went fast. 

Well that's news of  our first couple of days..... enjoy Ramadhan and have a blessed month!


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