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10th Ramadhan 2019

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Hello everyone, sorry I have missed out a few days  of postings on Ramadhan, but couldn't be helped- we have been having electrical issues in the house ( and still do) but in brief,  it caused damage to our router and thus, it took a while to fix a few other issues and then we fixed the router. All I have been doing  besides all the other work, is fixing, fixing fixing... and it is still ongoing.

At first we weren't getting water from main pipes into the house ( in Ramadhan) water supply is very slow and we have to carry buckets of water upstairs  from outside water tank which has different  line. The bottom tank has to fill before water reaches tanks upstairs.. but it wasn't filling quick enough. Anyway, after this, we had a broken outside pipe  so that was fixed. 

Next day after that,  the floating ball ( whatever its called..know the name but can't remember it right now!)  and a pipe for the kitchen outside  suddenly were broken... Now we are half way fixing that, the rest of work has to be done today.

We called Etisalat, and they were very prompt  with advice  and sent someone over, so they were a great big help in getting our router fixed -my sons agreed with me and we all send out a big thank you to them!!

The issue of electric box  tripping off every time  in regards to one unit of the house is annoying and we have yet to find out exact cause.  I think I may  already have an idea but not sure yet so will  see how things go  today , that was my full week and as always  alhamdulilah  as there are blessings in everything.

The fasting days are indeed mashallah going  very fast!  We are already one third through Ramadhan, and al hamdulilah, apart from slight thirst, it has been good. This is where some of the blessings come in with some unexpected things cropping up-they keep you soooo busy you don;t have time to think about food or anything and when you do finally sit down, you want to nap!

Some of the dishes I have made to date for Ramadhan, have been lamb stew,  various kinds of shurba ( such as lentil, chicken broth, cream of broccoli, cream of chicken , and vegetable soups). machbous, chicken biriyani, macaroni dishes, fatoush salad,  and grilled fish-which was succulent and delicious.

For suhoor yesterday, we had light soup, toast, cereals for anyone who wanted, white with yogurt or laban and tea. Everyone seems sleepy yesterday even me.. I found it difficult to get out of bed but al hamdulilah, all routine now. Once you get into the first days of Ramadhan  over the years, you automatically adjust to it.

Sometimes  when my granddaughter wakes up for suhoor ( she still practicing) , We would pour for her cereal in a bowl, then she would get up to take fresh milk from nearby fridge.. place it on table and stare blank into it lol still half asleep..  her father laughed when I told him I am sure she is waiting for it to pour itself into the bowl lol 

Yesterday, we made chicken stew, and today inshallah it will be lamb stew with lentils  served with white rice and salad.I am also making a tomato based macaroni dish to send to some friends who sent us food yesterday.

In Ramadhan  I have to change timings to go out, so best time is morning after I have finished work around the house and have made the dough ( ready for lugaimat  later). I like to go and see whats going on , whats new  in regards to products etc for Ramadhan. My shopping trip usually is to get perishables like bread, fresh milk  etc.. which are used daily.


For newcomers to the UAE, please know that shopping times changes. Don't go out to shop before 10 am and malls are usually open until 1 am and some places are open until 3 am even grocery shops. Some places like Medinat Zayed souq  close from 1 pm until 5 pm. Just try to check out the new times on any shop/store/or mall entrance window. It is normal for people to go out  after taraweeh prayers,  and go whereever they plan to go- I won't though unless its important but rarely do I like to go out  at night even after Maghrib unless invited. I really don't like all the busy roads. They are getting more and more congested each year.

Something extra:

I Have learnt to categorize the types of road drivers over the years and this is how I describe them, here's a few anyway:

The zig-zaggers:

You may have seen these, these are the drivers that suddenly wave in front of you and  you realize the car has zigged zagged  around you like all the other cars in-front of you, weaving from one lane to another, side to side.. trying to get through traffic faster.

The Road  Wipers:

These  really terrify me..when a driver plans to make a right exit ( obviously he/she should know where they are going ) plan ahead  to go on that road that leads to the specific exit in a normal sensible manner.... but ohhh nooooo,, driver  goes on the fast lane ( opposite side of the road) and  take the greatest risk  imaginable, risking other drivers lives, and cuts right across the road horizontally  ( like someone  wiping a table) . to just barely make the exit!!  Now, these drivers, should have their licenses removed from them to be honest! If they think it is easy to put people lives at risk, then they really don't need their licenses.

The Twins:

These are two cars  that decide the road is a best place to have a chat.. so open their car windows, chat while driving side by side! These driver should stay home.

The Attention Seekers:

These are  those drivers, who have music full blast for all to hear when they pass by or when stopped at the red signal lights. He/she has probably deafened  him/herself by now .... they can't hear the terrible racket they are really making. Cure for this, hmm.. have their radios removed.

The multi-taskers:

These are the drivers that 'drive', read, text, speak on their mobiles,  (maybe even put their feet up)  some even put make up on  and carry babies..... hellooooo,

Make calls at home.

Dont go out if you  won't be able to concentrate on safety  issues of driving.

Make up.. really? Stop the car somewhere and put make up if you have too, or  alter your routine. If a passenger that is ok- but if driving, it is not worth the risk, truly. (solution? Remove the make up bag?? hehe)

Making calls,   avoid taking calls while driving or at least use headset... either way it can be a bad distraction.  That vital moment of concentration on road is always needed.

Buckle up always even if going to the nearby shop.


Sorry if any typos!!





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