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Abu Dhabi Woman
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21st Ramadhan, 2019

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Mashallah , we are already into the last special 10 days of Ramadhan.  Late night prayers have already begin ( other prayers that come  at late night ) besides taraweeh prayers.

Muslims will be more dedicated to their prayers and reading during these days as Ramadhan reaches it climax. The past few days have been really hot-- been out for appts. so know it has been.. also I have to drink more as little dehydrated as doctor said. I told you all how last week was full  of problems with water issues etc.. , funny enough when I went to visit my daughter in laws family( who we have know for many. many years ) , she was telling me how their electricity went off for some reason and they had to stay at a nearby relative's house for the night. and next day ( when we were there-son and I ) they too had a water issue.! 

It was nice to actually go somewhere different for a change, even though we didn't stay long and had to return same day ( night),  they made harees and lamb and rice, and I had something I had been craving after seeing on tv.... Char'me, which was so tasty with the tamar ( soften dates). My dear relative  gave me some to bring home too so that was very kind of her. She makes it herself. 

We didn't stay long as the men had to go for Taraweeh, then we had the journey back to Abu Dhabi ahead of us .

It has been a busy couple of days since my last post, neighbor brought us some harees yesterday so that was nice, I will inshallah send sambosas and lugaimat, today send out out a Chinese noodle dish and lugaimat as we make that every day.

Today feeling slightly thirsty, but  time is flying -have to drink more afterwards though to make sure  my body is getting enough water....have lots to do, and other things I want to get done during these days but lets see how it goes. Well wish you all well and  that's it from me today as have to get back to kitchen.





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